In SEO competition " cropland avoid horse race “

Everybody has heard of the story of cropland avoid horse race certainly, the good horse race of the coarse horse that uses oneself and the other side, with the medium horse race of good horse and the other side, with the coarse horse race of medium horse and the other side, can be so in the competition of 3 bureaus win a victory.

What SEO does is the competition of the keyword, searching engine is our turf, SEOer is caballero, what is our Ma You? I an URL that strives for rank page, regard our horse as.

The horse has such a few kinds:

1.Domain name class for example:

2.Catalog class for example: / Shanghai/

3.Page class for example: / Blog/seo-tianjisaima.html

We know, in these 3 kinds of links, domain name class has rank advantage most, catalog class next, page class criterion lowest.

Where is the train of thought that how uses cropland avoid horse race in SEO?

If you care before the keyword 10, the horse that great majority is page class is competing, then you strive for a rank with respect to the page that can use catalog level;

If before 10 are catalog class, then you can strive for a rank with domain name class;

If before 10 are domain name class, then you are about to spell the weight of the website and quality.

Illustrate, if want to do corner to encounter,love this word, you can discover Baidu, GOOGLE, Yahoo! Before 10 in:

1.Do not have the horse of domain name class almost; 2. The horse of a few catalog class; 3. Of page class most;

Below such circumstance, if you just think before 10, the equestrian competition that uses catalog level then goes; If the target is the first, the meeting that uses domain name level then is more businesslike. If your website is an online film,watch a station, then I suggest to use 2 grade domain name or 3 grade domain name to do, and become very in-house link, the rank will be very beautiful.

[the word outside the problem]

Write before " a few level of Chinese SEOer " , be paid close attention to by rife, what have a few centers it seems that is effervescent, also hear some of negative voice additionally. The guest that write rich shares an idea namely, share a technology, everybody looked to also pass, not necessary talk in whispers in that.

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