In large sites effective marketing method

There are a lot of large, starting a new website for quick access to vast amounts of traffic.
The most used are running affiliate advertising and traffic exchange to promote.
Such a way to promote the flow really came quickly, but also very labor-intensive and financial resources.
The key is this flow mostly caused by porn spoof of Internet users.
Users precipitation rate is very low.
Of course, some sites on the adoption of such a flow promotion methods, in return for a lot of traffic, and then find advertisers to advertise, but also a modest profit.
But for long-term development of the site unfavorable, this site will never be viable.

The truth, in fact, do a lot of people understand the Internet.
But do they still bored.
Because some promotion department to complete the flow indicator to the boss, so we rely on these flows do look.
Some bosses to give venture frill, but also the need for such traffic.
I do not reactionary in such promotional measures, although no user sedimentation rate, but also its role.
Just want to do these promotion of websites, especially those that can profit by this website.
For long-term development your website is not the time to consider long-term to do effective marketing methods, such as I mention below several.
Many sites may also have tried to do, but seriously do good, not many.

a: URL House promotion


URL House is the best, because there are Internet users, China is the most stupid of users.
What felt very strange.
Web site traffic from home to precipitation rates are generally very high.
At stations and generally give you hang up, that is long.
So promotion at stations, is a long-term effective promotion.

Of course, now home site promotion, it is difficult to do.
The site now home not just a collection site at every turn is money.
Those small website no money, no traffic, if you want those URLs stations included in the large, basically the game is.
But in large sites is not the same, they generally have little money, too little traffic, a little-known brand their own website and industries.

Not all URLs stations see the money, in addition to these particular bovine fully commercialized at stations, the rest of the mid-sized sites without money, in fact, there are ways to get.
For example, I tried to address his former home of the promotion, with pr6’s Home in obscure position to two medium-sized home site made a link.
The other side on their home page URL Categories give us a text link.
From our point of traffic here is very small, but the URL of a family of more than 3,000 a day over ip.
Basically for the 1:30 traffic back.
In fact, many medium-sized home site and do not care about that money, as long as there are points known sites, if they can give them to be a humble link on the home page, they will give them the same page keywords.
There are also many ways to make medium-sized home site free of charge to the keyword position, this would rely on everyone to explore.

Of course, the largest flow or this URL House, medium and large sites have so little money to promote it, if you can buy a long position on those keywords at stations, even in the two category pages
where to spend money for it.
In his experience, hao123 Home 4-10wip generally point out, 2 classification, can point 5,000 -4wip. Different classification results in different sites, general entertainment hits relatively high. flow is basically 10 times 265 and other sites.
If you go to these sites when home buying traffic, lower prices can be compared.
If the same location hao123 not more than 10 times as high as a few other, recommendations or buy hao123 keyword position.

had wanted to show you one day of home medicine portal flow origin (mainly from the site’s home and search engines), you will understand now what the mainstream station site, which is relatively high flow at stations
Screenshot unfortunately did not find previously backed up, so I later found, then Tieshanglai share with you.

Two: Links promotion

Now do links, mainly in order to enhance the value of web pr, pr value higher seo results will be good.
A chance to get massive targeted from search engine traffic.

The previous links Zhongguancun online does best, they have a lot of sub-channel home pr reached 7.
Many popular keyword search results, could be seen in the apparent position of the park’s links on the first page.
I remember one time, I order the next point Baidu hot words top5 keywords can be the first page to see the link Zhongguancun.
And these keywords, it seems, and Zhongguancun this site of their products is not much relationship.
While I would like to make the case to the company Zhongguancun Links colleague explained the advantages of the time well.
But I found a lot of pr value Zhongguancun gg channel is reduced.
The reason, it may be they know of.

In general pr value large sites there are at least 4 or 5.
If your site has a pr 4, to try to look for 4 or more sites do links.
Do not do it within the pages of links to some sites, even if those sites have links to pages inside pr5 or pr6.
Because the external links General pages are particularly high.
Learn pr value decomposition friends all know that too many external links page links have nothing to do effects.
Preferably the person’s or Home Channel Home do links.
If you have links inside pages have pr5, through this page, in exchange for external links who have pr4 pr3 little links, very cost-effective.

you may think that link is not very easy, especially the change to good quality links.
In my view, it is very easy.
The key is the head of the company, there to do this seriously.
General and medium-sized site employees have the experience of multiple Internet company.
They can play their old colleague relations for the company’s site in exchange for high-quality links.
Do the Internet in this industry, many times, is to look at the relationship.
Take myself as an example, I had made a new website, pr value of only 0, and the position within the page with links and others change.
Through his relationship in Internet circles, it is through a pr 0 pages linked pages.
Links have been changed in more than 10 pr5 pr4.
And most of the other side of the home page or channel page position.

and high pr sites do links, not only for seo help.
And excellent website do links, but also enhance your site’s visibility in the industry.
Of course, any promotion methods, to achieve the ultimate, it is not a very simple thing.
We need practical efforts and exploring.

Three: functional cooperation, complementary content

Well, I do not know how to text, first give two examples.
We read the Internet article, you should have seen the bottom in many articles, more relevant to the content of it.
Point into finding was that gg Baidu search results or search results.
This is the way most traditional content of cooperation.
In addition such a site, do the main content of the music class, a Web site with video content do classes.
However, users of these two products actually are interlinked.
I listen to music when the song came out next relevant mtv, sure someone will point it to heart.
Mtv, when we look at this next if relevant mp3 download mtv, I believe there will be to download it.
However clicked, will enter another site.
Such cooperation is a typical complementary content.

Another said Menu cooperation, such as the current cc Video Coalition, to provide video services to many forums uploads blog.
A website also launched a cooperative picture upload function, providing services to upload pictures in many forums.
These sites spend their network bandwidth and space, providing video and pictures of these grassroots forum upload service.
Forum owners feel a good deal, since users can use cool, which is functional cooperation.
Of course, these features provide quality website is not a fool, will naturally have their profit model.

If the large sites, have their own mature product, you can try the promotion of cooperation.
Whether the content of complementary or functional cooperation.
Just without losing their own interests under the premise, you can do it.

least three ways to promote yourself is the initial contact, understanding is not too deep.
We hope to have the right company for the website, give me a good platform, let me have a chance to sample the promotion of these three methods to achieve the ultimate.