In-house link Nofollow controls weight to distributing

After Nofollow attribute is rolled out, matt Cutts has said for many times, nofollow can be used in forum already, rich guest waits in leaving a message, stationmaster can be controlled and representing these links do not endorse, also can use in certain and in-house link, in order to achieve weight of control interior link and PR flow and the goal that distributing.

The commonnest application is we are contacted in the website, privacy right policy, on the link such as user clause. These webpages often are to rectify a station to have a link, if do not have use Nofollow, the flow of metropolis equality goes to the link weight of whole station on these webpages. And like privacy right policy these webpages generally speaking does the user care rarely (the privacy right policy that has someone viewed us? ) , want to bring discharge through searching a rank, possibility also is extremely low. So flow arrives the weight of these webpages often is wasteful.

Assume home page of a website has 20 links, contact us, privacy right policy, user clause occupied 3. That is to say home page links voting force to 15% waste are in although these are important on the page that has search value unlikelily however. Similar link puts Nofollow, OK and active control links weight and PR to distributing mediumly in the website.

Attentive person may discover, privacy of website of new network science and technology counterpoises in policy is Nofollow link.

RandFish once had said in the card, after he did Nofollow to control, integral discharge has the website to rise apparently. Because my website used Nofollow at the beginning, so bad also judgement is used with unused difference.

The effect that used Nofollow how, how say have. Some saying that main keyword rank has very big rise, but rank of word of a lot of long end drops instead. Some saying that to whole website rank and discharge have promotion. Also some saying that do not have change completely.

Resemble saying before, SEO experiment and all computation word cannot be 100 percent accurate. Seomoz website is effective, do not mean certainly with effective also on other website.

With respect to my observation to other website and statistic, nofollow rises to certain website at least collecting is effective. Use Nofollow directs link weight of purpose collect not quite deep column, can rise effectively really collect webpage amount.

The other day also someone says, using Nofollow to control link and PR flow is fan think of, those who cheat search engine is disrelish, the content that because develop user and search index,props up is different, when designing website framework, raising website interior to link efficiency want a consideration, is not use Nofollow label.

David of SEO Niu Ren asks what Matt Cutts has to comment on, matt Cutts uses very the analogy that shows an issue answered him: Nofollow uses interiorly link to go up, can affect Google rank really, but this is minor factor only. Be just like you to have 100 fast money, use Nofollow seems to consider carefully how to spend these 100 money, useful to a few people. But more useful is put energy in how to make 300 money more again, is not to consider 100 money that how spend this to have.

Compare very figure, also very show an issue.