Improve the skill that exposure of content of rich customer focal point leads

Tell from some kind of meaning, a lot of Chinese users are visitting rich customer kind when the website, to its content shows means is quite unaccustomed, they prefer website home page or catalog page can adopt the style of approximate Sina, it is OK to be used up with the means of list one pace link reachs the ground final content page, otherwise, its cannot be likely at all in the website the content page that finds need, or go searching far from. Perhaps this also is before some year when the CMS system such as such as Manbo/Joomla, Drupal enters Chinese field, be alluded most demand is the main reason that how transforms its homepage kind of Sina pattern.

E.g. , in the acquiescent setting of WordPress most mode, homepage and Archives page are indication decathlon more newest article of course, according to need, this number can be adjusted for larger number, but say objectively, can you adjust at most for how many? Such, when caller arrives at rich guest website, the can visit further webpage amount that its can see directly is put in very big limitation, perhaps say, the potential visit target that rich guest offers for the user is insufficient, this is apparent cannot content of website of mining of revulsive user development is special the rich customer that becomes you is object-oriented when be user of introductory class computer at the same time, also be extremely adverse to the website raises PageViews and consolidating user faithfulness is spent then.

On the other hand, no matter be in how to be thrown in Blogger in website construction, give how many energy, but website content is impossible piece piece it is high-quality goods, always be key content / article and blame key content / the cent of the article, total need Blogger emphasizes with proper way, outstanding key content / article, but in rich guest, old essay always is met by new release an article to be buried in the depth, update when rich guest especially when frequency is very tall, old essay is more be in by bury immediately many new in releasing a text, let user have no way search.

Raise the exposure rate of content of rich customer focal point

Use custom-built homepage: Support of platform of guest of a lot of rich uses the function that defines a homepage oneself, if WordPress can found Page simply, set its for the homepage, can highlight the key content of the website optionally from which, browse the suggestion that reachs a visit to offer directivity for the user.

Article / the deep-seated link in content: When releasing new implied meaning, should notice to embed in the article to the link of other and relevant page inside the website, especially key content. This conduces to an user not only more get knowing relevant news conveniently, also can be promotion effectively new the additional value that releases content oneself. Of course, this is optimized to the SEO(search engine of the website) also be quite important, above all, deep-seated link can ensure corresponding page can be indexed prop up successfully index by search, collect; Next, the in-house link of dependency is very crucial also to raising the rank in the SERP of the webpage.

Highlight key content: Most rich guest adopts the design of dichotomy column or 3 minutes of column, nevertheless, the link that there often is the closest content only in side column e.g. the pattern with rich guest current school this is apparent cannot the key inside effectively exposure website or outstanding content, corresponding settlement the value that method is column of sufficient mining side, the key content that is about to emphasize the website for example / the article is put in side column, recommend to the user. Of course, to key content, still have a lot of otherer recommend way, build content of a key to recommend a page to wait alone for example.