Improve improve the ten million when improving experience Baidu K again to want to hold to

A website, do not search suddenly in Baidu engine, be thought normally by Baidu K. Baidu is undertaking adjustment all the time recently, the website that encounters Baidu K is more also, the topic that collects about Baidu also is passed bubbling with noisely.

A website by Baidu K, should live go down, different hall is hard. Baidu is the lifeline of a website, if a website lost Baidu, also lost the market on Internet. Come from some kind of meaning say, what Baidu is mastering a website is unripe reduce power. Very may much stationmaster does not admit this fact, but must face this fact.

Recently, I am observing all the time to Baidu engine. The individual thinks, in engine of 3 big searches, search at Gu Ge, Yahoo, baidu engine is engine of the worst a search, its expression, dare not flatter really. But the user of domestic great majority is using Baidu, as stationmaster, we must face a such facts, although Baidu makes a person so despise, but we still cannot leave Baidu.

Baidu is undertaking algorithm is adjusted all the time recently, one of its core are for the search experience of the user. It is a center with the user, everything turns around the user, this practice is worth commend. This is similar to a businessman at the client, it is a center with consumer, the client is sacred.

Although Baidu is bad, but it has self-knowledge, know perfectly well hardware to be no good, make great efforts from software. This one way of Baidu is very good still, below such circumstance, a lot of websites became victim. Baidu undertakes artificial intervention, all of us does not know. But I believe, searching engine is fair, it won’t be aimed at certain person. Why can Baidu is opposite is your website so impolite? Investigate its reason, a lot of stationmaster are in such moment, still won’t build a website according to the appetite of Baidu, present Baidu, the Baidu that is not before any more, you return defend to the last to wear the old idea in the past, old way of thinking, baidu thinks you are washed-up, with respect to K you.

When encountering Baidu K, very much stationmaster chose to abandon a domain name, register one domain name additionally, stage a comeback. Is this best method? Not be of course, this waits to build a website afresh then, your propagandist promotion flowed with respect to Fu Zhidong.

My website just built 2 months, be crossed 2 times by Baidu K, be made an appointment with in all by the time around of K left and right sides of a month, those moment, heart grey meaning is cold, ever also thought of to abandon. But think later, change a domain name, later by Baidu K, how to do?

Do not want to abandon, do not have Baidu namely, also want to hold on.

Then, I was checked seriously to my website below, whats to give to come without the examination.

Next, I searched to the website some outside catenary, not bad, I knew better stationmaster friend in stationmaster net, they do not abstain from my website by K, several stationmaster linked my website, what I still wrote better concerned website to build is former achieve an article, send rich customer. Referred network address to Baidu afresh then.

The time of the website that Baidu collects me again is faster, the 2nd when a week was collected.

Website of my rich guest, send only some oneself write with a few articles that come around, do not involve politics, also optimize without what, why is Baidu impassable with oneself? I did not find the solution all the time. When Baidu controls my station again, I have an amazed discovery, when every time closes again, the page is compared last much betterer.

Probably, baidu did not ban you at all, it is test only you are one, see you can hold on. The place on net of no less than says, it is the chance that gives you a suicide. In such moment, a lot of stationmaster cannot undergo the test of Baidu actually, perhaps do not think of improve, was abandoned finally by Baidu.

Those who rejoice is, when Baidu K when my station, I chose to hold to, after passing test, baidu is more trustful you, the weight of the website is taller also.

Stationmaster friend, should encounter Baidu K when your station, do not want blame god and man, should not abandon easily more, want to search the reason that gives Baidu K station, improve the means method that makes a station, do not go absolutely opportunistic, conscientiously makes a station, believing engine is fair to everybody.

Serve as a test to oneself when Baidu K station! ( author: ? With respect to Lian Changzheng?