Improve 10 methods that rich guest interior links

Effective use interior is linked not only can make your rich stranger more friendly, and can help raise search rank. 10 methods that improve in-house link are below.

1, website map

Website map not only the content that can help a reader search need, and the interior that can raise important page links number. I am not the XML website map that says to be aimed at search engine (although they as much important) , link the page of all articles however, perhaps be serious article at least.

WordPress user can use Sitemap Generator Plugin to make website map automatically, rank all literary workses according to classification. The effect sees here please.

2, FAQ

In FAQ page, listed the common question that can be answered by your article. Used keyword likes when the reader is used to search a question in content, can raise search rank so, also use a link to point to your article in content at the same time.

3, relevant article

The article that links similar theme can help the content that the reader discovers to they are interested. Same, the content that also can add an article so is linked. You can be in of the article below the hand is moved add relevant article, wordpress user still can use plug-in unit Related Entries.

4, popular literary works

Popular literary works shows in side column, can increase the amount that browse effectively and increase in-house link. This function is likewise OK the hand is moved add or use plug-in unit. MostWanted result of this plug-in unit is right.

5, series article

Writing series article is the good method that establishs in-house link. If you wrote a long article, can consider to be divided into a series. Nevertheless, always do not use this method, let a reader feel you too the pursuit volume that browse is bad.

6, month () summary

Every month can keep a lot of people an article, listed the most welcome this month article, write an abstract to every article. This added in-house link to offer an opportunity for you apparently, and allow new subscription user such reader won’t leak your good literary works.

7, 404 pages

Wrong page can make a reader depressed. Listed in 404 pages your popular literary works, will make wrong page more friendly, and can bring additional flow to you. Most WordPress stencil includes file of a 404.php. If your stencil does not have 404 files, the proposal sees WordPress Codex.

8, page foot

Matter with use stencil, your page foot may contain very few content only. Some readers are pulling scroll, when reading page bottom, the likelihood hopes to see the article of page end is linked more, is not to pulling scroll return page coping. Why to provide more links to them?

9, article content

When you write an article, search an opportunity to link old essay as far as possible, as the addition of article amount, this meeting becomes easier and easier. Before beginning to write an article, review old essay to seek the opportunity of the link, it is a good convention.

It in the begin of the article a few paragraphs use link effect is better that in the begin of the article a few paragraphs use link effect, also can attract the reader of use RSS reader to the website to come up.

10.ALinks plug-in unit

WordPress user can use ALinks plug-in unit to build the link of commonly used word automatically.