Illustrate: The choice of the keyword is politic

Is the website optimized in how to choose best keyword? It is a key in SEO job, the search of the person that pass a visit is used to research, have a test to potential effect, serve for optimized ultimate goal. Undertake demonstrative with two example below.

The key word of specific aim chooses strategy, twice rises change rate.

Citing one: Dr. Feng Ying be good at is advanced make a speech on the Xiamen stationmaster congress of paragraph of time, the website that says him himself probably Google Adsense income of every months is 2000 dollars. The website that a lot of people go analysing him visits a quantity, say to have so much income impossibly, but these analyst did not notice an issue, in the website of Mr Feng, a Picasa is recommended everyday can 10 dollars control income.

A lot of people are not believed, say to be changed commonly rate it is 5 % about. But you can search keyword photograph to handle software, or more the software of keyword photograph processing of specific aim downloads, see a result, in a long time his this recommends a page to be discharged control in the 3rd, plus other relevant keyword, this recommends the visit of the page to measure the IP that comes from a search directly to be 200/ day about, the test specification that crosses Hu Gu is changed rate for 50 % , say his sheet relies on this page so, have everyday the income of 10 dollars above.

Citing 2: Optimized a keyword to a friend: Dalian family hotel, the nature that basically discharged each search is ranked the first, this word rival is little, accomplish very easily in front go. Because this keyword has specific aim very much, everyday search quantity differs according to season, have a few look. This year 51 want to go Dalian plays, ask to still have empty house, as a result she says: The 51 houses during, ordered light March.

Although have 229 IP only everyday, but this IP has specific aim very much, the effect is good, value is high, this friend from 3 initial houses, develop 8 present buildings, staying in the home every day, income is good still also.

Undertake decomposing to the keyword, reduce optimized difficulty

Because value is high,have some of keyword or it is discharge big, optimized difficulty is greater also, this moment, undertake study to this keyword with respect to need, the search of the person that pass an analysis to visit is used to, disclose the keyword a certain number of 2 class terms, normally the difficulty of 2 class keyword can be reduced apparently, for instance preamble place is narrated, we can do photograph processing give priority to a keyword, the photograph processing software, photograph handles software download to wait to undertake optimizing as 2 class keyword. The 2 class keyword after decomposing, not only difficulty is reduced, it is better to still can have change rate.

Wrong keyword can consider the effect that be less than of purpose

The keyword that inputs a mistake easily to a few netizens undertakes study, discover some words input a mistake very easily, especially major person uses phoneticize input method, very easy misspelling. This kind of method need not say more, attentive observation always can find such a lot of keywords.

The showed SEO value with the very good example above is in, above is not quite tall to value keyword citing only, just think one: If change an English term, word of an English product, value with respect to the not to be named on the same day with, a successful English keyword is optimized, often can bring to the enterprise millions of year of sales revenue.

Author: Cross Hu Gu