If Gu Ge continues to precede 5 the end of the year bolt the death knell of the word will be knocked noisy

Core clew: SEO breaks away from pure keyword rank necessarily, more attention does an useful to the user website to how.

A lot of SEO people know, now SEO has been a keyword not just the rank is so simple. The website uses a sex easily, grow end keyword in great quantities, website structure is waited a moment, the rank that has compared individual keyword is more important. But the requirement as a result of company boss or client, often must very big one part energy is put on keyword rank.

This kind of circumstance ended quickly probably. If Google searchs engine in the whole world,I estimate 5 years the market is again banner, the keyword is ranked and the SEO on traditional sense died quickly.

A few this years Google does not have at a loose end all the time, although average user does not look,go out have how old the change of world-shaking. But actually present Google search has had with before a few years very big differred. Brought result is traditional SEO loses a sense quickly, reflect in two respects especially the most apparent.

The SEO that is now must put the line of sight to more agency, and not webpage of character of be confined to. The 2nd, the search result all that every user sees is different, the foundation of SEO of complete disintegrate tradition.

A year many before had written integrated search. Integrated now search has been hasten of general trends place, and the content sort that appears in search result, number is increasing, rich guest, news, video, picture, books often appears in search result page etc, and the hit is taller than common page, because composing format makes multimedia content more outstanding.

And the control that these website content often cannot get traditional SEO. Dot stone once had applied for to enter Google news source previously, but be rejected, the reason is bit of stone not be a normal organization, this is not we did the person of SEO to say those who calculate any more.

Result of picture, video can attract a large number of discharge, but also not be can finish effectively by SEO personnel.

Integrated search result is more, the proportion that rank of keyword of traditional character page holds will lower and lower.

Awfuller is, the search result that different now user sees is more and more different. Before is the search result that provides this locality to change according to user IP address. I search a bank in Singapore, discharging those who be in front is Singapore bank. American user is searched, discharging those who be in front is American bank. This very the user is friendly, won’t disappear so.

There was personalized search again later, google has record and judgement to the search history of every user, give out to search a result differently next. Was to roll out SearchWiki more the other day, make an user OK delete specific webpage from inside the result, can new to the result sort. Do not know to still can roll out the new mechanism that what individuation searchs later.

The result is, the search result that SEO him personnel sees, what see with other user is different. Company boss, client and other website user, the search is same a keyword, gotten result without exception is different. Nonexistent fixed rank, how is this keyword rank still done?

So from in the long run, SEO breaks away from pure keyword rank necessarily, more attention does an useful to the user website to how.