I is how popular keywords Baidu ranked first page

talk to me how to use a period of 21 days, to a popular pharmaceutical keywords to get first page of Baidu, because they belong to the company’s website and keywords are not published, keywords, and website owners
auxiliary keywords are stable in the first page of Baidu week.

We did Baidu bid test, 9:00 to open accounts, 14:00 to close the account, the keyword in 17 hours in, eat our bid 2,000 yuan.
This keyword is bidding perennial hospitals and pharmaceutical businesses.

Long Distance Jane said it was important to talk about a few issues, and I hope we can do website seo help, in the written text at the same time, adhere to the actual situation of the guidelines, do not exaggerate, do not induce.

1, the selection of the domain name

Baidu to take into account the long period included a new domain name, and later outside looking at the advantages of high-quality connectivity, and decided to buy a domain name pr3, this site was originally a school forum, Baidu, google relatively high weight
external connection itself is also very rich.

2, page optimization

title, keywords, description, these three, I think is very important, such as my station, Baidu wrote many descriptions matched keywords are in Baidu ranked a good position.
How to write the three, how to write, is worth pondering only want to tell you, once the

and columns, do not do modified.
seo attention to detail, do not forget the image description and site map!

It is worth to say about that many people well after the site does not pay attention to the keywords and description section of the page, a disadvantage! Spider good this mouth!

3, how to exchange Link

We all know that the exchange of Link, like switching stations and pr high, in fact it may not, google will not lead to much ip, exchange friendship when I was doing, I stood already pr3, so to a certain extent, is very
Link easy to do high-quality, high-quality selection of the tools I use Assassin pipiki Link, look for rival station, batch view their friendship connection, and then find Baidu included more high pr station, make connections, we
competitors in more than 20 sites around, think, and quality of each station they do to connect external connection, then what happens effect? ​​

4, keyword density issues

At the beginning, taking into account the keyword density issue was going to put the word control in about 8%, then the site made content, test keyword density, up to 15%, check the next website, find a
place belongs keyword stuffing.

stands to reason that it should be reasonable, there is no cheating.
Website tangible for the sake of users, offers a user needs.

5, the content of the site and title

content will not say a word, content is king!

How do the content and title it? Should not not be collected, on our website about 200 articles, all users have a role in the collection of articles.
Alternatively some title, and content.

6, the site selection procedure

use dedecms, article management system and QA system, after testing found that Baidu is our fastest, the first is a Q system content.
This is the right to master the heavy help, you can own testing.

The basic focus on the process of Web site ranking these problems, some of the details, one experience to everyone in practice, I write here is incomplete.
Welcome to have the same loving friends communicate with me, pay attention to my site, Xi’an seo

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