I am the website that how lets Baidu one day collect me!

Oneself are a dish bird, cannot draw up ace in that way harangue, I share the experience of next myself in this and everybody, the hope can have certain reference to everybody.

The thing that does surely everyday stands to Chinese stationmaster namely, a few authoritative and large station fourdrinier wire walk along Admin5 and Chinahtml, see SEO experience of everybody, can say, the help is very great, integrated the experience that everybody’s viewpoint increases him, in this, I say I am the website that how let Baidu one day collect me. (oneself not just, the website is) .

My website was on March 7 release formally, the domain name also is new application, everything is new, generally speaking, need to hold out long time to wait to collect a website according to searching the characteristic of engine, but I am examined the following day, my website was collected by the success, what although collect the result,do not see at present is good, but I think with such beginning, before long the result that collects in the future is met certainly very good. In this I say me how complete this process.

The first, the article that make kind the website needs to find a more appropriate CMS system, have typically at present use the mainstream program such as easy, Dedecms, Php168, Phpcms, what oneself use all the time is Php168, but according to the article of ace we can know, dedecms suits most, stationmaster station, Admin5 is the use program that weave a dream, the comparison that the SEO effect that weaves dream program allegedly does is good, the discovery that is helpful for searching engine and collect, this bit of everybody is OK him test depends.

The 2nd, the design of website page, respecting this, be about to emphasize the effect of website layout particularly, a website must want to have reasonable position, want concise and relaxed, catenary structure wants clarity inside, otherwise after the spider comes in if appear,circulated, it can feel disgusted your station, your station wants to be had difficulty by favour, the page of the website is designed, use DIV+CSS as far as possible, mix a lot of more possibly what the dish bird like me can think his DIV+CSS learns is bad, make a website come without legal system, need not worry actually, my Div+css still also is learning, we should use the place that can use DIV+CSS as far as possible it is OK to go up, may not wants complete station DIV.

The 3rd, after be made when the website and be being released successfully, the website that should all alone to search engine refers him immediately (I did not complete this one step, put forward to consult to everybody just) , and be in this moment, should release the information of own website to the website with tall attributive of a few Baidu immediately, add oneself website in content incidentally, still have an everybody at the same time more commonly used what also know is Zhang name is registered in a few forum, in individual character autograph fills in then oneself website, these are the websites that are helpful for letting search engine to discover you.

The 4th, content is king, this are all SEO ace people had mentioned, content serves as the main body of a website, it is a part that cannot ignore, what my station adopts is to be achieved formerly add bogus to be achieved formerly, individual stationmaster is some more impossible to sit before computer every day achieve an article formerly, so bogus starts one of way that made stationmaster favour formerly, want to suggest to use the friend attention that collects means to make a station in this so, there perhaps is not what problem now, but I want to search engine before long in perhaps your station will disappear, make a station cannot spec, should hardheaded do.

Above is the experience of my individual, used the method above, at least my station was accomplished, I thank Mr. SEO that stands in Admin and stationmaster to give us the experience that these novices bring, also welcome everybody to offer his view, everybody talks together, our catchword is: Let a spider fall in love with us.