I am so solve problem of Baidu screen home page

The website that believes the closest everybody has had more very much by the trouble of home page of Baidu screen B. Tell to everybody below tell why to want screen B you. Screen B you, how to remove effectively quickly screen B.

What article chapter basically tells about is to pass a keyword put-up, of the keyword reasonable distributing will remove screen B home page.

My site is build before a few months, some of keyword is highlighted more when wanting to add an article only at that time, in that way dependency is certain tall, it is certain that dependency is ranked high good.

Crossed my despair for some time, baidu did not give me good rank, also did not give me overmuch IP, still be less than GG discharge everyday very one of, depressed indissoluble.

Open Baidu Site:xOneself website collects Xx.com to have a few pages only, the most miserable when have 20 pages only, my station added more than 1600 articles. And Site:xHim Xx.com domain name when, home page had disappeared.

Hit network address to be able to be searched directly in the search. This should be what to say a kind small fall counterpoise.

One day my server is inbreaked suddenly by the hacker. I am busy move a station. But be in at that time, my rice arrives without Jie Xi somewhere else, inside this homepage with respect to a few characters.

The following day the miracle appeared, baidu restored my home page to collect. I got instructive here. The density that is me of what exorbitant. A tool searched to check the keyword density of 36% on the net. I look to do the website of a keyword with me then, saw their density, their put-up be in 10% the following. Of lowest have 2% only. But the family’s station is in however Baidu the first.

Then I slowly melt away disappear of density of my website home page (add relevant content namely, but need not arrive keyword) . Arrived in my density eventually 10% when Baidu restores screen B home page.

Above is my process, summary falls below

1. website keyword is more than 8% , but the site except of specific type.

2. friendship link notices a method. Do not plant with this () of belle belle belle, this kind of attention that causes Baidu very easily, can think you may be in accumulation. You are OK the friendship link that the inter adds other term. Will achieve the goal that eliminates accumulation.

3. content page increases collect manage together. Content page does not exceed 30 articles to link as far as possible. (The practice that this is oneself does not have scientific basis, decide with individual circumstance)

4. not the server is changed all the day, it is easy to also be compared so by screen B home page. Had done previously a few general situations won’t screen B home page. Again screen B feels the pit of the stomach to ask his, my content is copy. (Lcgyjg.com Liao Ji is achieved)