How to use Unavailable_after label of Gu Ge?

Count Zhou Qian, of JillWhalen " high rank is advisory " divulge, google will add a kind of new Meta label- – Unavailable_after. Although still be in plan phase, label of this kind of Unavailable_after will tell Google, be in when specific URL meeting invalidation. In other words, use label correctly to will ensure the webpage is indexed search no longer, more important is, the content that inputs in label content attribute later here will not appear in searching result webpage.

Next, this kind of label may by market be on sale person use with SEO. When the search is not successful, have only a few the thing appears in searching engine result webpage. For instance, want to search this article, what I should try above all is Usedskateboard, the result shows in home page an overdue Ebay auctions a website. Worse is, when me the input searchs an inquiry the 2nd times when Autographedrush2112album, also show an overdue Ebay auctions a website. When the 3rd times the search inquires Pacmanmachine, appear in Craig website list overdue classification. Accordingly, I say or state with certainty, searching a result, overdue information abounds in in the search result in retail domain especially.

From theoretic tell, unavailable_after label is the webpage that buys webpage and classified catalog and other form technically to pat, the quantity such as list of such as estate and special service webpage builds surely personally. After auction or list expire, whether does good user experience include those webpages that disappear from inside index? Probably, the answer of a lot of people is affirmative.

But user won’t make a decision, ebay and Craigslist expire in processing different method is used when list. Craigslist can hint on the webpage this notes already expired, it is abandoned you. Craigslist gives an user a very small link only in upside, if you undertake,click may guide same ad.

And EBay, more a few more complex. After webpage to load of several seconds, the website can be sold in current auction many links increase in the product. I ever criticised EBay uses PPC keyword erroneously, I think EBay processing expires on sale method is a kind of user friendly model means. In view of identical, current auction, why doesn’t Ebay abandon a visit? It of course won’t, because even if expire to advertisement the Craigslist with not sensitive response, also increasing its website flow hard.

We have a few large media clients, they have regulation of different policy of membership due content. When reading Unavailable_after label for the first time, I am attracted for its tremendous potential, it can be in several weeks or the the client free content inside January becomes the content that pays fee. Now, we still have the choice of a few other, such as uses 301 articles change its course to arrive new pay cost exclusively URL, or it is simple ground tells a database to open in expire countersign protection is used in information, obtain a rank again in list finally. Regard a SEO as adviser, I recommend all things gladly for the user.

Unavailable_after label issues ability to rise alive in the following circumstance only, the information that lasts namely just produces negative effect to control, change its course arrives another website is profitless can pursue. For instance, collective sued wants victim information to put very long period of time on the website, the accused for sue cost to fall lowest, general meeting uses this kind of label. This kind of information disappears earlier, better.

Searching such as to search market share currently is a very depressed thing, it may bring to 2003 currently. But this unexpectedlies I think flavour to put these content to index outside. Probably, one day I can need information made reference 2003. At least, we can get inspiration from which, undertake well and truly classified to our content, take title, undertake describe and be affiliationed linking waiting.

Unavailable_after label is the example of a figure, it can show the gap that how can search engine just narrow communicate between network controller, how can just improve search experience. Use to expand, for the user the experience brings a profit, the use of this kind of label must can bring significant increase.