How to undertake in the light of Yahoo search the website is optimized

Of HTML code optimize

Compare with Google and MSN photograph, yahoo! Taller to the attention degree of HTML code. A lot of tests make clear, the mistake in HTML file, the likelihood is affected in Google or MSN very small have hardly even, the front; that does not hamper this page appears in SERP but in Yahoo! The odds that the success scores in wants small much. Same, one corrected HTML error, pass the website of W3C attestation or webpage completely, the change in Google or MSN is very little be aware of very hard almost, but in Yahoo! Can discover the rank has qualitative flight however in.

In the webpage the design is reached in making, be aimed at Yahoo! optimize basically include, 1, Yahoo! Before thinking to appear in HTML file to lean (what when showing with the webpage, appear in upper part is not same idea) content is serious content, the substantial that this asks we want a page highlights the head of ground HTML file; 2, the code that the webpage of good design has essence of life to decrease mostly, wait for the bulk of greatly contractible HTML like file of CSS of the buy outside using, JavaScript file, be like again be used less or complete need not the efficiency that Table also can improve HTML code, these can highlight the content share with real webpage greatly. In fact, afore-mentioned when in the light of other search engine is optimized, two also are cannot of oversight, just Yahoo! Give its taller weight.

Keyword density

Because search indexes the algorithm that prop up always is to be being adjusted, accordingly, affirm to the keyword density that issues put oneself in another’s position not actual, and, keyword density is not an universally applicable number, what the different website kind of the industry follows below a lot of circumstances is different, first-rate keyword density also is distinguished somewhat. Accordingly, feasible method is the SERP that analyses website correspondence keyword, analyse before be located in 10 website or the keyword density that the webpage uses, ideal after all keyword density always has the law. Normally, discharge in Yahoo SERP advanced 10 website, differ emulatively according to the keyword, keyword density is divided extremely individual in low end of 0.5 To 1.0%() with high end of 5.0 To 8.0%() outside, it is for the most part between both, set keyword density as far as possible at that time optimize a purpose to can be achieved commonly under highest value a bit.

Oppose photograph link

About opposing photograph link, the regulation that in big field each search index props up is sure difference is not too much, be in what content uses a keyword to make Anchor Text on relevant website to be linked instead is a most important element in Yahoo rank algorithm likewise. Be compared and character, yahoo! The processing that links to turning over more be similar to Google, the distinction with MSN is largish.

Be in in the light of Yahoo! the website is optimized in, link the aspect that must consider to have instead:

The quality of the link

Use PageRank and TrustRank to decide with Google the method that links quality instead is similar, yahoo! Also used the link that similar technical eliminate has nothing to do or Spam, same, in Yahoo! in ranking algorithm, the quality of the link wants the amount with pure overweight.

In be optimized in the light of the website of Google, the PageRank that a lot of moment can link origin website through examining comes to the quality that judges a link balance, although Google Toolbar is medium indication PageRank is not accurate, but it is a relatively simple judgement basis at least. So, whether to judge a certain link to be decided to be the link of high quality by Yahoo? Simple way is to examine the origin website of the link to whether appear in Yahoo!
Identical or the position before close keyword SERP leans, be like desire more accurate judgement, still need to examine the Whois information of this website, yahoo! Its domain name registers the website that thinks to be able to be depended on commonly time at least full 3 years, the blame that sees origin website whether have sufficient amount even additionally exchanges a link, and the amount of link giving a station that links origin page, the station goes out to link an amount on same page more, its influence is less, etc.

The position of the link

No less, the link appears in the page which position also must note. Say simply, the link that appears in HTML front uses special form than giving the more effective; at the back of now (like thick substance, inclined body, unlike the page other facial expression or font) the link is more significant.

The Anchor Text of the link

To the Anchor Text of the link, we already had discussed for many times, in Yahoo! In likewise such, no longer give uncecessary details.

One-way link

Two-way commutative link is in Yahoo! Not be to do not have effectiveness completely in, but its are less than far to the influence of the rank one-way, link related content, because a lot of circumstances fall, such link more receive the opinion that because content is outstanding,be bordering on and obtains.

Website or webpage are put in the influence of time

The Sandbox with Google is similar, yahoo! Also use similar " Aging " mechanism: Build a website to be in moving initial stage, the time with at least 6 longer even months, obtain good rank very hard, although be in,optimize apply very faultlessly on the technology; at the same time, new link also won’t have the its due stimulative effect to the rank very quickly, often need 3 to 4 months its effect just can be reflected gradually. Nevertheless, compare with Google photograph, yahoo! this kind " test " mechanism, on strength somes a bit small. But this kind of joint action to new website and new link, often bring about a lot of build a website (of new website linking affirmation instead is new link) inside the time time limit that reachs 1 year in 8 months be aimed at very hard emulative the rank that strong keyword has obtained.

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