How to solve search to index a few negative effects are encountered in propping up

The website has a friend to ask about recently, index the problem that how should a few negative effects solve is encountered in propping up in the light of search, want to do an analysis according to that case last originally, do not have time all the time, impose the restriction that cannot get online in the evening, the company grooms today the issue that as it happens also discussed this facet, the example that I am aimed at individual site below does a simple analysis, the hope shows to bring the stationmaster that props up negative effect to be helped somewhat in the search to going out.

Course of study of state Ao Wei() because get,this site is negative effect, appeared a few negative effects, the position with the card main station that searchs the negative effect that industry of keyword state Ao Wei can see appear on Baidu on Baidu, it is right so for an industry station, the loss is comparative big, if plan institute shows:

Internet is the public, free, can restrain without law, want to be in so Internet stands on this domain advocate the position, accomplish with sincere need a person, such station type is very much, for example: 3 deer, elegant front courtyard is decorated, in big constant base, domestic Le Fu, TIBET (in the search it is the first by China occupational a country) a few negative effects can discover in waiting these is in a moment to search engine. The website in this big ring does not count Internet very more, the station of the negative effect that appears of course also is very much, here is differ of one listed, everybody should ask for certain change how to solve such problem! Explanation leaves a few way below such negative effect gives pressure go down.

Above all to close these are affected negatively, we do take out of buying and selling with the other side without method with money, because not be long so during, the other side knows you fear such their meetings are certain you are asked for at this o’clock to you ceaselessly, spend money take out so such negative news is temporary only, we can use the method of the other side to do, before they use negative news to popularize our station, at the same time we can be released with more favorable front article, build more rich guests to release advantageous openly information, in the heart that new episode likes what capture people in that, we had made those newses, reprinted person is much, our openly message also meets nature be searched greatly by each engine capture, rank of our site of many rich customer also went up accordingly, their negative news meets nature be overwhelmed to go down slowly.

A kind of method that says below uses 2 grade domain name namely, look now value much classification information to stand, search room waits a site a moment their many use 2 grade domain name, what can come to the negative effect of the website so is very few, and the help is occupied in official station advocate main position, very simple an example, if your certain keyword, 10 searches that appear very likely on the first page of Baidu have 3 to go to 5 in the result is to come from your site to differ as a result the result on the cent page on 2 grade domain name, basis advocate the weight of the station, very easy the rank of those 2 grade domain names also is carried, so we can use this a little bit, should give negative information pressure go down, can our government station applies for some of 2 grade domain name to do more, become different channel the content of the site also can go on promotion, important place is taken naturally on the search, the news with negative others inserts search very hard to indexed go before prop up, their message can show at the back only, so right we advocate the influence nature of the station can decrease.

Of course such negative news is a processing technique it is very much, spending money to become a few special subject also do not have not not be to see shortcut, we can use each large website the weight on Baidu cereal song, beautiful money lets them become special subject to you, be alled alone by search engine collects a rank to go up very easily, it the site with a few tall weight introduces to become special subject below is better that the site introduces to become special subject below: Sina stands to become a special subject, special subject is done to wait large site a moment to be able to have corresponding effect on Ai Rui. What tell at this o’clock is a bit simple, a lot of stationmaster should be OK and clear! Ah

Below the 4th kind of method: This method comes should meet quickly, but attribute cogged shift, suggest to had better not be not used, use software namely group hair openly information sends each big gain customer in great quantities, on forum, also can have certain effect so. How summary is opposite the overwhelm methodological analysis of negative news goes to the website here! If have the stationmaster friend that encounters same question, can share your experience together with us below, hope and more stationmaster friend learn together discuss Seo technique

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