How to solve Baidu to collect reductive problem

Core clew: When you the Baidu of the website is collected little at when 100 perhaps have a home page only, you had be toed treat seriously, otherwise, your website faces the awkward situation that cannot be turned over by K.

The collected an amount to mirror a station directly content of Baidu and position, although do not have immediate impact with discharge, but also be an index at least, collect when the Baidu of your website especially little at when 100 perhaps have a home page only, you had be toed treat seriously, otherwise, your website faces the awkward situation that cannot be turned over by K, at this point oneself were summed up below when to share with old great master below.

1, if use identical pattern plate, content,serious repetition is revised first

I do an enterprise to stand to won’t use the pattern plate of same kind, content is to come from at collecting, what do novel website now especially is very much, collect coming to those who go collect is stencil of those a few programs, we should like to ask has the station with tens of thousands of identical content, call Baidu that machine how to collect?

2, putting ad is influential

Oneself also had tried for many times, after be being dropped by Baidu K, take out the advertisement of the mom in A, the 2nd day is collected afresh immediately, because oneself do not believe unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, tried a few times to reach back and forth similar result. Once client of advertising of the mom in A phones me to ask my website makes his Baoyue ad, I collect Baidu of influence of advertisement of the mom in A the matter said condition, he says to have this matter truly and said apologize. He still tells me this matter to the mom in A is exchanging views with Baidu in. Nevertheless this also must see specific target, if your station weight is tall, the time that build a station is long, that is affected generally speaking is not very big, but if you are a new station, I am sorry, on estimation horse by K, so new station puts ad must discreet. Would rather control an aspect less, also do not affect the development of whole station.

3, correcting influence

Website correcting does not change a course at will, revise home page classification and caption at will, baidu is at a loss, this risk very special big, I revise station of novel of a network before, the result is collected originally 3000 much, be gotten to remain 21 by K immediately. Its are main the reason is you the change is big, and website itself weight is low. And if produce this kind of situation, want to restore high amount to collect afresh, that needs very long time, get above of 3 two months at least, the loss outweights the gain.

4, it is very important that the website links this to nod

Often check your exterior link, the website that looks to cannot be opened, rubbish website, website that was not collected by Baidu, by the website that Baidu is fallen to counterpoise, be met affect Baidu to collect only by the website of Baidu K become little or did not collect! This are too dangerous, it is the weight that sees you stand likewise, because of me the website of a few friends joined a lot of by the station of K, but do not have to discharge how old influence, because their weight is tall, be just like company provision to cannot smoke, but the leader still attends a meeting moment swaggeringly smoke, who can say? What nevertheless SEO looks is detail, pressing what dead a white horse with a black mane carries on the back is last straw.

5, keyword amount

The keyword crosses much keyword to be not done too hotly, also did not say at this o’clock more, too hot it is difficult to be done, and even if did can be dropped very quickly also by K, because Baidu has,examine an orgnaization, is this the sky drops pasty? Accumulation caption and keyword can cause Baidu to collect too much become little or by K! The proposal chooses the long end of popular word, capture stays in with respect to thousands of discharge, again dispersive a few are thousands of discharge, for example novel net, the novel reads a net, free novel net, etc, capture a special ox is forked.

6, SEO optimizes degree

Spend SEO gently to optimize Baidu to penalize an institution to SEO exorbitant website more and more severe, SEO optimizes excessive meeting to cause Baidu to collect become little or did not collect!

7, had better not use Cn domain name

Cn domain name is cheaper now, form a lot of crowds to use Cn domain name to do rubbish website, affect a lot of Cn to belong to thereby advocate the webpage is collected in Baidu become little or did not collect!

8, seek a good space

Of the site below the IP of own server collect a circumstance undesirable reach dimensional concealed qualitative difference can affect Baidu to collect only become little or did not collect!

9, Refresh jumps turn refresh problem

If you use Refresh to jump in some page head,turn to the word of another page, also attribute cogged action, bring about very easily collect drama to decrease, even by K!

What above says is so much, basically be to think an experience that makes a website and everybody are shared together, make everybody little take roundabout way, because do station won’t do leg of embroider of fist of the least bit flower, the technology is excellent just can have flow, thank.