How to seek nice exterior link

Exterior link is right the importance of SEO, this are beyond question, when optimizing popular keyword especially. A lot of people are interrogative more be, what kind of exterior link is just nice link?

Valued exterior link looks to should have what requirement from more Utopian circumstance below.

The website that links website and you has content dependency

If content of website of the other side is mixed,your website content differs a great distance, even if you give a link on home page, also help to your rank not quite. Of course if cost of PR of the other side is very high, the website PR value that the profit that brings you is you also can increase accordingly. But the PR cost that should notice Google toolbar shows is not true PR value, also did not concern directly with the rank.

If your purpose is the rank that wants to raise relevant keyword, that still seeks the link of relevant website.

The rank that links a page how

The other side can give you that webpage of the link, when the target keyword that searchs you, where is the platoon? The rank is better, the value when explaining this specific webpage is searching specific keyword is higher, the link that give out ranks an influence to your webpage bigger also.

If be the keyword of commerciality, those who discharge advanced face is probable the home page of the competitor that is you, think therefrom gets linking possibility not quite. But before you can put the view 100, even 200. These webpages are aimed at the weight of specific keyword to also be like in search engine eye, although the user cannot see commonly. Advanced in 89 webpages, classics regular meeting has website of many blame commerce, be not the competitor’s webpage.

Whole of link network address is ranked how

What is the target keyword that sees website of the other side, search these keywords, see this website whole rank how. Same, asking here is before the platoon 20 certainly, as long as can advanced 89 pretty good. Website whole rank reflected this domain name the weight in search engine eye.

What is the anchorage character that can give you

Had better be the target keyword that you hope of course. If anchorage character clicks here and so on, the effect sells at a discount greatly.

Emphasize, linking anchorage character is it is quite important to comparative.

The position of the link

The link effect in webpage text is best. If the link is to be put in navigation part, perhaps be the place that puts sponsor link normally, search engine is OK differentiate comes out the one part that this is not content. Should be being linked is to be when article text is medium, just be one when article author gives out polls likely most.

Condition of website whole health

This includes Google PR (I know, a lot of people of Google PR had been not valued, also did not concern directly with the rank, but it is good to look up total Bibucha) , search dog Rank, the domain name registers time, whether to have in DMOZ collect, website whole has how many exterior link. These healthy states are checked, conduce to ensure the weight that links a website.

Link page has how many to guide link

This includes in-house link and exterior link.

If weight of itself of website of the other side is very tall, but that page that links to you is designed be linked for friendship and do, webpage of the other side links this friendship to link a page rarely, so the weight that place of this link page gains is reduced greatly.

If link page is normal content page, be linked besides acquisition interior and other webpage is same, if content is good, probable also meeting has a large number of exterior links, the amount has been jumped over more more, can look up retrorse link with Yahoo.

Derive on link page link amount

This believe everybody knows, derive the link is jumped over on specific page much, every weight that links a belt was dispersed. If be a few derive only,link, so the weight share that you receive also rises accordingly.

Alexa rank

Exterior link does not bring a lot of time merely link weight, still can bring click discharge truely. The Alexa rank that sees the other side so also is necessary. Should noticing to see a curve of course is natural growth curve, apparently cogged still those who get.

If above listed can take tall fraction, then this is the highest grade in exterior link, can be encountered and cannot beg.