How to remove the effect of website correcting of SEO

The objective that the website has SEO correcting is make the website of oneself can more the crawl that attracts search spider, obtain highest key word to discharge thereby, taller website weight, and correcting does not have the problem that can avoid to be able to encounter respect of a SEO, it is the existing rank that whether can website correcting affect a website, a lot of friends because such, hesitant all the time, the result missed best correcting opportunity, say with respect to this problem now how correcting, cut the influence that gets in the search except the website thereby.

The rank can keep original after some websites correcting perhaps rise, and some websites are met from search for engine Xuan face disappear disappear. The extent of the rank of the website and website correcting is concerned, also mix whether to have in correcting process seek the issue with friendly engine considering SEO. Website correcting is right at each website for, it is the choice that a risk and good luck coexist.

The proposal is so general website from personnel of course of study, in the initial stage of website framework, undertake program, design to the website with respect to need with the overall situation view of SEO, search for engine key word to distributing, content of website page design, website weaves reach classification to if name of grade of URL network address names,be reached wait for side issue. Want to had considered ahead of schedule, because correcting always wants to risking discharge to reduce, collect a page to decrease and membership prediction of a person’s luck in a given year waits danger a moment, everybody cannot avoid.

Below again a few proposals give a few must the stationmaster of correcting:

One, the webpage with tall weight does not want easily purify

In correcting when, check fair site to compare tall webpage in the weight in a few big searches first, these webpages do not want to be changed easily, avoid to affect existing rank to behave.

2, URL is not changed as far as possible

If regulation changes name of original webpage method grade, that searchs a location of the webpage that engine has collected, can not find a webpage. This meeting is a very serious effect to the website.

3, . Website framework is not moved as far as possible

Between website correcting, do not change website framework easily. Website framework is a website is essential, if was changed, the search can think nature of whole website root produces a change character, so if not be necessary, this does not want to move commonly.

4, map of new production website

Make Sitemap afresh as soon as possible, through accelerating the rate that seeks engine spider to call in, will shorten the transition of website correcting period. And remember be not being used as far as possible 404 will undertake jumping turning.

5, accelerate friendship join frequency(