How to raise new center effectively to optimize website method

Core clew: Wanting a website only is not to collect a website, namely rubbish stands, how much is the Pr that need not be in charge of him, should have only newer, if be achieved formerly, baidu is collected normally collect can make connection, join has been jumped over more more.

Become center of a novice, when bring into contact with search engine trouble is changed- – namely term SEO when, you can have the problem of one pile for certain, what is Seo, seo is dry, trouble of engine of all alone that do search is changed what is used, etc, I also am stationmaster of a novice, I say a bit result that says me to be changed to searching faze.

I with respect to illustrate, website assimilate to a shop inside a city, all alone search the everybody in city of engine assimilate to loves the newspaper that read.

Above all: The shop that you consider to let you lets a body know your shop in the person of this city, want to let others come to your shop, best method yields the news that there is your store on newspaper namely, the person that reads newspaper so knows to there still are you in this city such inn, the information that passes newspaper delivers him to be able to come to you this inn. This is told namely why must let search all alone there is the news that helps your website in engine, because search engine to become net name to get online necessary tool

Next: How is the newspaper office willing to carry your message? Everybody should know, you see on newspaper what most information is, 1. The news that day 2. Recreational the Eight Diagrams, 3, the unprecedented thing such as the thing of innovation such you thought of, want to let a newspaper office carry your message, the thing that you want to have an innovation comes out, e.g. the thing that there is an other place to did not cut everybody to like in your shop, the information that after be being known by newspaper so, he affirms to proceedings of a conferences ascends you does a website we are same also, what the website that you do wants to follow others is different, want to have innovation, have new thing, search engine is met patronage your website, collect the content of your website

Next: Light lets search all alone there is your website to still be no good in engine. Everybody thinks, if have in your city,follow you the shop of same quality about a hundred, how does family reason go your shop? That is about to follow from inn name play tricks on brief introduction, the shop name enough individual character that should let you, quite novel, brief introduction is quite clear, everybody looked to like, looked to be able to understand, ask oneself, you are in today be away on official business, midday should go having a meal, not familiar to the restaurant here, you visit two restaurant before, you should choose to enter which, you meet this moment see inn name follow shop brief introduction first for certain, choose you to enter which cafeteria to have a meal next) such with respect to respecting your website name introduces with the website must enough clarity is quite clear quite absorbing.

The 4th: The person is the shop that comes to you, how is the client willing to be consumed in your shop, and let a client be in next time even come? Your shop decorates this moment on should beautiful, want concise, the product wants novel, want distinctive, ask oneself you see you can wait for a very beautiful shop a little while more, can you buy so good goods? Still you can ramble next time? Such with respect to respecting your website pattern plate and content, pattern plate must concise, content must be achieved formerly, doing a website is not met partly temporarily, want to rely on accumulate over a long period, good website does not care about content how to many have, the content that cares about your website however is achieved formerly, want to there are a lot of convenience stores in your city, commodity 80% it is exactly like, can then you run technically to that convenience shop that you like to shop? You are affirmative won’t, it is good that the convenience inn that you can be by the way only beside you was bought remember, we do a website, not be to become client of going from place to place, what we should do is long-term client, let a client remember your website, let him still choose to come next time your website, we should do this, can tarry client still comes next time, that is undoubted your website content must be achieved formerly.

The 5th: Cannot you always let what your website changes keep out? Be what can be affected? This is the friendship join that we say, your very good website catenary to the website is rubbish site, that client can be what heart in, it is you shop in a shop for instance, you feel this shop is good, the thing that you mean can be done not have in his shop, you let him recommend to give you, you with confidence when go that inn that he recommends when, the inn goods that sees him is not good, have in other place, shop is decorated bad also, look very bad, you meet this moment recommend you to come the shop of this shop hits a few minutes, this truth is same.

Do friendship to join my individual thinks, wanting a website only is not to collect a website, namely rubbish stands, how much is the Pr that need not be in charge of him, should have only newer, if be achieved formerly, baidu is collected normally collect can make connection, join has been jumped over more more.

Should say me only to novice stationmaster one, website caption and brief introduction 2, pattern plate is concise and clear, content is achieved formerly 3, stationmaster of friendship join novice does not send time to do search engine trouble to change painstakingly, this 3 chunk had been done is best search engine trouble is changed, had done this 3 chunk to search a spider to love presence your website, resemble same, before your rank can lean, everybody can find you.