How to promote you the rank on the search with website map?

Website structure indexes there is crucial effect in the rank that prop up in search, if your site structure is very complex, search engine may not can find you to mean the page of the rank. Fortunately, here has the strategy of map of a website, will offer a visit to search engine action conducts since the page, make your page obtains good rank on search engine finally. Our strategy is the map that provided whole website structure and the map that collect a site to search engine.

Make map of a site for the website

The first purpose is to make the method with the quicker user that visits your site is found of a specific page or site with partial content. The 2nd purpose is to offer an onefold webpage, search engine can achieve each page to be in your website. There is a few here you are founding site map moment to want to notice:

1, when beginning to build website map, ensure the page of each site links home page, next next you are straight appearing on the market the website that link gives every main a section of a highway to arrive at you.

2, next, according to creation of every paragraphs of content another administrative levels lists catenary receives home page, with deepening a page further. Final, this website will get the list that resembles a book.

3, the top that once you created the list of this link,returns a page, next each link, the caption that blends in text join to use contacts a page (or good one page – demonstrative sex written language) e.g. , on the homepage, you still consider caption label, turned these opinion on public affairs into join to arrive next homepage. Such, the webpage of all links.

4, once the website is finished hind, put into to link it to be in from the each page of human body your website.

Congratulation! You have an effective website now, let user and search engine can be found more the page that saves administrative levels

Found map of a website to search engine

The site map that searchs engine (only search engine can identify) it is to give Google, yahoo, the search engine such as Msn goes to the lavatory to visit and collect a page. You can use free online the site that builds website map if: Xml-sitemaps, you use him OK and online the website map that generating maximum is 500 pieces of pages, if want to make more than 500 pieces of pages, you are about to pay 14.95 U.S. dollors. What I do not plan to involve is specific build website of engine of a search, because it may be a technology insufficient, you should get stationmaster handles you. But, if you want to handle this each oneself, it is explained, the URL that nods in afore-mentioned ground. Once the website is finished hind, have further instruction, on the webpage, how to prop up the search index of the website Spidering.


Should know why I want to introduce map of two kinds of sites now. Your creation added map of the first website beneficial resource, for your website caller, and search engine. It still offerred additional benefit to add the connection page of key word weight.

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