How to make the XML map that accords with search engine requirement

No less than we know in that way, website map always shares two kinds of formats, it is HTML website map (it is us the site map in common in a lot of websites bottom file) , advocate the content that if go to the lavatory to the user understands website frame to serve quickly and locate its think quickly,visits, conduce to search engine having organization, systimatic visit website at the same time; Another kind is XML website map, map of this kind of site basically is the service of large search engine that waits inside to include GOOGLE, YAHOO, BAIDU is current although make known his position not clearly still to support map of this kind of website, but as the trend that at present each big search engine supports in succession progress continues, BAIDU fears also very common of hard to avoid.

The website cartography that what we should discuss today is XML format and refer flow, as to the site map of HTML, after staying reopen piece the article discusses technically.

Before discussing XML battleground map how to be made, we want prophetic way: What is XML website map? Why should make the website map of XML?

Will solve the first problem first: What is the website map of XML format?

The about Sitemap.xml definition in managing employee to provide according to GOOGLE website: XML Sitemap – calls Sitemap normally (use great S) , it is you provide a kind of means that concerns your website information to Google. Sitemap is the list of the webpage on your website. Found and refer Sitemap to conduce to all webpages that ensure Google knows your website to go up, include the network address that the normal capture process of Google cannot find possibly.

Feel the explanation of GOOGLE government is obscure and difficult, like us this kind is not professional personage to be able to understand straightawayly simply completely actually, namely: Sitemap.xml is the spirit that Google makes, namely website map, nevertheless this website map is written with Xml, and should be written by the standard of Google, the server that and want will draw up this file Sitemap.xml that come uploads him goes in the space. As to what it is XML file, how to write XML document, in the range that also does not discuss today, what the proposal has fun at is OK proper motion GOOGLE learns.

Good, the first problem was solved, tightening is the 2nd problem next: Why should make Sitemap.xml? ?

We still see GOOGLE explain to making the purpose government of Sitemap.xml first, give a bit more informal understanding again next (very much today concept, view need to cite the official statement of GOOGLE, give an a bit commonner explanation again at the same time, not be for serve as a foil to the specification of GOOGLE has many difficult, stand in us however for angle of careless root gens: Cannot write book of profound fierce forest secret, inscribe an and so on of the feeling after reading it is OK also to show a face) .

GOOGLE should become the official explanation of Sitemaps.xml to be what:

If the website attributes following situation, so Sitemap will be particularly practical:

The website contains dynamic content.

The website has the page that is discovered not easily in capture process by Googlebot, if have the page of a large number of rich AJAX or Flash content.

The website is new website and the link that points to a website is not much. (Googlebot can follow the link arrives from a webpage network of another webpage capture, accordingly, if your website was not linked well, we may discover it very hard. )

The website has many content page to file, these content pages were not linked well each other, or do not have a link at all.

Careless root the understanding of a bit is: Referring Sitemap is to be helpful for searching capture in process of a few normal capture cannot the network address of capture, for instance dynamic webpage, the webpage that includes a large number of AJAX or the page of Flash. 2 it is to be way of work of search spider demonstrate. Sitemap is the list of the page on your website, googlebot goes according to this each capture collects a page, look for meeting efficiency apparently than itself tall, and want complete.

Good, answer above after two problems, cut subject immediately: How to make the XML SITEMAP that accords with search engine requirement.

GOOGLE helps the means that a variety of creation Sitemap.xml provided in the guideline in its, if be based on GOOGLE cooperation,platform is founded and the website of test and verify can be referred directly, the Sitemap.xml that use RSS or ATOM regard SITEMAP, basis as SITEMAP agreement creation for draft and other way.

In so much method, accord with what home uses a convention or most person uses at present, it is according to Sitemap agreement proper motion creates Sitemap.xml, also we should discuss this today. If the website uses ASP process designing, one Duan Kaiyuan code can be added to make corresponding Sitemap.xml file is made according to wanted form in its backstage in the search on the net; If use, is the system opening a source that is based on WordPress, the function that can use WP proper motion to carry makes a file; If you feel your technology is very arrogant,do not like to use the word of these functions again, but proper motion hand is moved write accord with Sitemap agreement 0.9 (GOOGLE supports) site map of the standard if, again if, your website is not above circumstance is medium any a kind, at the same time the technology follows me same very below the circumstance of dish, so, can have the aid of at at present a few free softwares make the map that we want.

Searching for to had compared used Sitemap to make a tool hard all the time, looked for for a long time to be not had regrettablly result and return, not be a search the link is not complete, it is speed too slow, before paragraph encounter a little good use a site, but the amount is restricted, after generating 1000 exit automatically (at present this is planted on the net software pass away the sham as the genuine, one search a big, but basic it is limitation inside 1000 links) . Until these days, I found maker of Sitemap of its tiger card, previously depressed be swept and empty, bring a surprise ceaselessly at the same time, not only the limitation that links without 1000, and the operation is used extremely convenient, the hardship that thanks the tiger brother that does not know here works, just let our dish bird people have so together good used sharp weapon.

This is the operation page of tiger SITEMAP builder, the function is not complex, the operation is extremely simple.

Before the SITEMAP that make, can become a few settings first. Click a tool, choose option, in playing a draw a frame round acquiesce of make choice of is worth one column, a few settings in SITEMAP are concerned inside, include to update frequency second (Changefreq) with first step (Priority) two, this should be reflected in Sitemap.xml, below the meaning about these two parameter will specific description.

Because software function is restricted, can set these two parameter before the operation, also can complement according to need again at the back of leave a blank, leave a blank is when I am used, wait for an end again the newer frequency that the hand uses set to borrow a page second with first step, the impact is not big.

The input should make the website network address of the map, at the same time the choice saves method, want an attention is, acquiescent file format is Xml, do not want to revise. Click begin can, remember timing in building a course save.

In this page, notice on the right side of change time, newer frequency, first step to be last empty, generate in whole site map after ending, unified revise. At present the SITEMAP on the net makes software (include a tiger inside) , the page that did not offer to compare intelligence updates frequency second with function of first step set, accordingly here use the most conventional means, a bit lazier also, it is all links update frequency first second set is Daily, first step setting is 0.6, next winkle a few important pages and special page, the hand is moved revise its to update frequency second with first step, the newer frequency that is like home page second for Daily, first step is 1, and the newer frequency of About Us or Contact Us second likelihood is Yearly, first step is 0.4, a few think more important page is revised, if lazy whole place is empty or all newer frequency second as complete as first step setting is identical, can appear to hint wrongly after upload and referring GOOGLE so.

Operation method is to choose a link casually, after doubleclicking, meeting spring gives a page, frequency is updated in the page second choice Daily, first step chooses 0.6, click on the right side of after applying all links, decide can, next the hand is moved choose an important page, undertake modification according to afore-mentioned methods, exclusive distinction does not choose to apply all links namely.

After Sitemap is generated completely and be being revised, save, click the Sitemap of the 4th pushbutton above next, examine Sitemap.xml document.

Of Xml file found detailed in Google government description, here introduces partial code statement only simply:

< ? Xml Version=1.0 Encoding=UTF-8? >

<urlset Xmlns=/schemas/sitemap/0.84 >














Code explanation:

< ? Xml Version=1.0 Encoding=UTF-8? >

<urlset Xmlns=/schemas/sitemap/0.84 >

These two are equivalent to the action like the <html> label in webpage file. Need not be in charge of what meaning, copy word for word can.

Be sure to keep in mind: A character also cannot wrong, although many blank space, the fault also can sign up for when Google website is collected. Additional, must not forget the fine in the file adds </urlset> label.


Here is location of page catenary ground connection, namely the address that you hope the spider is visited.

Lastmod: ? Does neon of Ru of Ze of the Li that take the advantage of widow run quickly?

This is very important. The robot of Google can be mixed first before indexing this is linked index the newer finally time of the record undertakes comparative last, if can be jumped over like time,index no longer. So if your link content is based on last the content when Google indexes is changed somewhat, should update this time, the meeting when letting Google index next time links content to undertake analyse and extracting key word to this afresh. The time form that must decide with ISO 8601 middle finger here has a description, formatted time form is as follows:

Year: YYYY(2008)

Year with the month: YYYY-MM(2008-12)

Date: YYYY-MM-DD(2008-12-29)

Clock of date little time: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mMTZD(2008-12-29T10:37+08:00)

Date hour divides Zhong Miao: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mMTZD(2008-12-29T10:37:30+08:00)

What the attention requires here is TZD, TZD is appointed even if area of this locality time labels, resembling China is + 08:00

Be sure to keep in mind: Other form may be caused make mistake, write 2008-08-08 into 2008-8-8 to be able to give an issue for instance.

Changefreq: ? Take the advantage of heart of detailed of  of Wu Chen Guan to save?

The word that the description can use here in all these a few: Always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, I need not explain specific implication, the meaning that sees a word solely understood. If want to understand detailed meaning, can examine Google to updating frequency second definition.

Priority: ? does  of miscellaneous flatter Lu take the advantage of adept to flinch bank is heated up?

On 0.1 – 1.0 between.

Be sure to keep in mind: The proposal gives out of all kinds webpage according to importance different numerical value, with the collection of convenient spider, do not make fun of petty trick to be written entirely 1, google government tool can sign up for a fault.

After Sitemap.xml has been made, upload website root catalog to fall, be like / Sitemap.xml, land GOOGLE manager tool at the same time, according to its clew and requirement undertake referring. Google refers network address:

/ Webmasters/sitemaps/ ? Hl=zh-CN

After referring, inside a few hours, the system can begin to download processing.

After referring, still a job needs to do: The test and verify of SITEMAP.

Whether does map of website of test and verify accord with a standard, the most convenient method uses the manager tool of Google namely.

Be in after his download Sitemap.xml inside a few days, this tool analyses result feedback in detail to come back with respect to meeting general, include: How many address was included in Sitemap.xml, google already added how many address reference, what mistake appeared in Sitemap.xml, even the spider collects what encounter in the process all sorts of problems, for instance what webpage has 404, the enumerate with 500 wrong detailed metropolises comes out, very convenient.

If you are referred everything does not have Xml file by accident, so next, the search spider that you are waiting for to let it namely will climb, the file of Sitemap informed the frequency of file updating, such search spiders come more diligent, the page is collected faster also of course.