How to locate network sale market causes what SEO did not come to think

When potential customer seeks the solution of a certain problem, they can have the search on search engine, the catalog that browse, read rich guest article, the product is compared, participate in group of groups to discuss. Your client is used finish so the website of these things, it is the target website that the catenary outside you builds, so, catenary must let your website appear in such target website outside.

What catenary builds outside is politic: Not be I think looking for 50 PR is the link of 5 at least, however I want to look for 50 links to come from content to abound and potential customer often the website of patronage

This paragraph of word I feel very reasonable, resemble what outside these doing, we link, those who search is not the website with good content, however PR, whose PR is tall, we send a link over. The feeling is doing wrong business all the time. The job that the company gives is to make a rank, rank even if become a link, bonus also calculates according to the rank, is not sale.

Of course, the rank has particular concern with sale, but sale is not equal to a rank, ranking brought amount is the one part of sale only. And of the network level as the netizen rise, more and more data can consult when a lot of netizens shop now, come to what what expect ensure what buying goods is him.

So, the individual feels, the method of search engine sale of very much now eager for quick success and instant benefit cannot be taken, resemble makes for the rank rubbish comment, group of for the rank built rubbish rich settle or live in a strange places, reach certain level when netizen arousal, such rubbish is turned over and influence product sale.

Of course, the comment follows group build and right, but rubbish content is affirmative and wrong, I feel SEO has an outlook, if SEO is used to,transmit good thing, that is good to everybody. Or someone can say, my company station sells a product, can transmit what good thing, but I think, in group some of content that has quality can be kept at least when hair.

The future of SEO

The fellow said SEO does not have future yesterday, I do not think so, SEO has future for certain. But can say, very much now SEO does not have future, because major now person makes product promotion, can say the product utterly ignorant that 9 become people popularize to him himself. The paste when be being popularized next spells an article in disorder. Such production rubbish can be alled alone by search engine falls into disuse sooner or later. A lot of people search the progress of engine algorithm to be able to eliminate SEO trade in concern, contrary, search the progress of engine algorithm, can promote the transition of SEO industry, develop to better way

Assume: You are the authority of a certain industry, have very substantial professional knowledge, at this moment you apply search engine to optimize again, a professional article that writes you lets more people see, also for certain search engine wants to see this. The client’s demand, search the demand of engine namely. Can let whole SEO industry develop to better way only so. The rubbish rubbish that is not now again rubbish.

One wrote before me: The undergraduate sums up this article is experience completely to talk alive, and I think the meeting is a lot of righter consulting in school undergraduate action, so promotion of my this article went out, want to search in Baidu only now: The undergraduate is vivid my undergraduate is vivid my college university summary appears in Baidu home page, bring 500IP everyday.

SEO should be a good thing let more person know and not be production more rubbish such, SEO has future for certain.

Keep the person of such articles as, be also same everyday making rubbish? It is the person is in a company really, involuntarily ah. Actually I also know, draw up fine product introduction evaluates article of and so on, can attract potential customer directly, but the first: English is not mother tongue, how is professional evaluation article written? 2, can saying to the product is to follow a customer the understanding to the product is euqally ignorant, how to write product introduction to lead a customer? 3, the article that achieves to have level formerly needs 2-3 hour, bogus achieves 20 minutes to do formerly calm. 2-3 hour, the company is to your outstanding achievement evaluation outside catenary, you spend 2-3 of the hour achieve an article formerly, who admits?

Welcome everybody communication, above represents individual point of view only.