How to let search engine to collect new station quickly inside short time

Stand newly commonly, want the discharge of engine of search of have the aid of, above all we should be to let search engine to collect us, if be collected repeatedly,did not collect, so natural it is not to talk to go up rank, more do not talk about genteel quantity.

General new center can choose search engine to refer the link of his station, but the result is actually bad, if want to be alled alone by search engine is collected quickly, best method is worth tall station to become a link with a few PR namely, had better be update everyday, and the station that searchs engine to collect newest content everyday goes becoming a link, generally speaking, they these stations, do not become a link to us, because we are new stations, cannot take any worthy things to them.

So we search a few keywords, see what station discharge advanced face, when we search a few popular keywords, discover the forum card that the portal stands, the platoon is in the first a lot of moment, so we think method goes adding a link in the card of forum, this appearance can be brought to us oppose a link, achieved those who become nice link to be collected by search engine the following day thereby, because search engine is automatic,undertake crawling type is collected down the link, if do,went up to link only so, so was collected immediately.

But the administrator is not to allow us above those who become a link, once have a link, deleted immediately, because link and common font are not of a color, and below the likelihood still is taking horizontal line.

Relative to rich guest, for the log, forum has stronger dominant position, because of these forum, can be alled alone by search engine is collected immediately, because their PR cost is high, the card that they stand is searching engine medium integrated rank is high also, so we are in reply when a few cards perhaps send note of a few themes, accomplish the link on punctuation mark, because punctuation mark is exceeding small, it is add a link, also look not to come out, so this appearance realized what link instead to make, return reasonable escape at the same time the checkup of the administrator, because these are of high quality,oppose a link, so the website was collected very quickly not just, and on the rank of a few keywords in searching engine, also have an advantage. (Author: Beautiful inferior international origin: