How to let Baidu update the more that you collect every day

Did a few rubbish to stand recently, experience the experience that collects to a bit Baidu from which, I talk to everybody today!

Always see the not little person that does a station say, my station collected how many how many page today, how long is my station updated so, after all how is Baidu to update, collect? The station that how lets Baidu often update you, collect your newest content?

I had not formed systematic theory to this, talk about next particular ways first, consult for everybody, greeting discussion!

Above all, had made a station, the website should have certain content at least, refer your station to Baidu again next, I observed recently below, the rate that Baidu collects new station is much rapidder than before, can collect 3 days 1 day commonly, so, if you are conditional, whether is the station that grows Baidu to check you collected.

After collecting, we assure to often update with respect to the 2nd step that begins my door: At that time, I am to discover the following day was collected, collected many 30 essay probably, updated website content immediately then, have many 10 newlier again, the following day, check, ha, many 10 when update 8 medium are updated!

Rose that day from what collect, I basically am updated every day, collected essay also compares a day many one day, the station that Baidu updates me is one day is updated

The 3rd pace: The brigade of discharge, actually, update you every day, if do not go on your key word, also be infructuous, light gives you a good word, without material benefit, still do not have motivation, but, if update your station every day, so, the work with hard what is the key word that make a point also (what is popular key word? How to discover popular key word? We are met after the) that discusses technically.

Example: I did a rubbish to stand recently, what use namely is key word, from refer a success, arrive to be depilated by Baidu, altogether used 2 days, what discharge statistic uses is, add up to came 1800 many IP!

The success is crucial: Update, especially your station is new those who refer, after be being collected, often keep newer, it is very easy to make key word!

Unsuccessful clew: What key word does not do is ham, do passed, meet very quickly by K! ! The simple way of key word comes slowly namely, what do not do is too fast, density is too big, the example of this failure that for instance I a moment ago said, all articles that are this station centered a key word (key word discussion will leave newly stick discuss)

My thinkable with respect to so much, still have a lot of idea, need you to ask, I just can think! (