How to let a website search engine to be collected as soon as possible in Baidu

Friend of a lot of stationmaster often pained, the website was done so long, how is Baidu still collected? Why the station of others can be collected normally, and is my station collected? Search from itself above all seek an account, if your website is done good, do not have reason Baidu to search engine not to collect your station, baidu search engine is a good thing really, can bring the flow with not little amount to not only, and the rank that can raise search engine significantly, basically be a stationmaster so, take a website seriously to be in quite of Baidu collect a circumstance.

How do a few views that I talk about below let a website search engine to be collected as soon as possible in Baidu.

The quality of 1. website itself

(The pattern plate of 1) website is tectonic

This did not say more, had better be can former those who achieve is former achieve.

(The content of 2) website

The foundation that the home knows a website is to build on content, the site is indispensible should have designed beforehand, in this locality the test succeeds, have certain content, had better be the program that starts formerly, those who need an attention is, did not achieve ten million to cannot collect data formerly, collecting is one of means with a kind of cogged website, just the first pace, recommend here as far as possible person pork edits, to reprint the article that come to change a title.

2. refers your website to Baidu

After the website has been done, refer Baidu actively to search engine: / Search/url_submit.html, told him to build a new website, welcome it to go the website that capture collects you. Cannot go searching engine to repeat refer. Pressing regular think of a way is him people referred a site to just be collected, its are honest oneself people refer, at the same time search index props up it to also have process of a judgement, this process is controlled in two days commonly.

3. must not search engine to refer certainly

Do not refer how to let them collect, this is oneself people need comes with converse thinking, why oneself people should go looking for them actively, make them active look for them people be better, this brings a spider namely, want oneself only people it is OK to go searching engine to update very fast site to keep a link, this brings the spider namely came over. Increase exterior link, at this o’clock I feel very important, do exterior link to send some of link bait namely, attract a spider to come over capture, can send some of flexible language appropriately, perhaps exchange some of friendship to link at the station of course of study of person of the same trade, website of others of have the aid of is in capture of search engine spider, climb your website, capture your content, raise a website to collect, can come already discharge, also benefit is collected at what Baidu searchs engine.

Before 4. website is collected, do not want to revise

It is you after the catenary outside doing good site to stay, your site one this cannot correcting. Caption of what not active. Wait only collect stabilized you to be revised again, label of website caption, structure, META do not be revised to wait before the website is collected, the website is collecting a process in, the examine and verify that is Baidu search engine period, revise during can appear the following circumstance: (If 1) changes the word of caption, receive really can bring about a website to be fallen to counterpoise, be not collected;(2) and before website structure is collected, revise, throw into confusion directly the crawl that spider of engine of the search in collecting makes is regular, bring about a website to collect period if lengthening;(3) to revise META label, the rank that affects the keyword after the website is collected directly is regular, affect sort of the keyword after the website is collected. (