How to judge the competitive intensity of the keyword

Core clew: The competitive intensity that judges a keyword is to become good SEO basis, to individual stationmaster, more whether the shortcut that gets flow quickly. Author the experience according to oneself, shared the core site that uses strength of judgement keyword competition.

The competitive intensity that how judges a keyword is the problem that every stationmaster pays close attention to, author him basis the individual’s actual combat experience say to everybody

1, whether does the keyword that judges oneself make contest price

You can beat your keyword on Baidu, if home page makes competition, explain this word has commercial value. Common saying says not to rise feebly early, a few enterprises won’t do not have reasonable billow costly to make contest price

2, see Baidu capture page amount

Beijing Seo by Baidu capture 1, 680, 000 (search engine is not quite friendly to the website of Seo, before paragraph this word is collected by Baidu 500 much) , this number explains competitive strength is OK still, attribute moderate strength, be in commonly 100 1 million " keyword page " of 5 million attribute moderate strength,

500 1 million " keyword page " of 10 million attribute high strength, be more than of 10 million attribute fancy strength, make clear: This intensity classification is aimed at Baidu commonly and character, (what same keyword Google should collect than Baidu is much) .

3, see a keyword by the page catalog of capture

If your keyword was collected about a hundred 10 thousand, but by the much of capture it is secondary level directory or page of 2 class above, so the competitive strength of this keyword also is not very big, collect much specification this word just gets the attention of many sided just

These 3 supplement each other, analytic intensity wants to consider via many sided. If word is collected, is top class catalog and what the page exceeds 1 million and make contest price is not little also, then sufficient specification has strength very much

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