How to judge link of high quality friendship and commutative link result

The exterior link of very much now SEOER to high quality (basically be to show friendship is linked) value very, appeared from this a lot of buying and selling link. Say oneself are right here the view of exterior link reachs high quality how to be searched.

About high quality link everybody can be in Baidu or stationmaster kind forum (if stationmaster stands) find a lot of relevant articles, how is drawing lessons from next ace to be linked to high quality judged.

Quality of the link outside my judgement (basically be to show friendship is linked) method (what others has told is not little, but the result that basically is oneself) :

1, content and him site dependency. (the link that the site that the website related content links taller than not relevant content PR comes to is nicer) individual viewpoint, such also doing
2, website snapshot replaces rate, include Baidu, Gu Ge, look to search engine in the light of which of course.
3, inside the industry famous degree.
4, time of the line on observation domain name and website.
5, of site of the other side outside the link derives amount, derive site quality.
6, website content quality, content updates cycle. (the website quality that major content is collected and comes is very won’t very good. )
7, whether does website code accord with W3C standard.
8, the user experiences how.
9, the expression of site of the other side on search engine how.
10, the stability of the server.
Above 10 o’clock is him exchange link most a few what often consider, of course a lot of methods that use a few despise come what diddle friendship links now not little also (the code respect that the code that main watch gives a search engine now and user browse) here does not discuss. Say how to seek high quality link below

1, labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. The site that the proposal becomes newly is not taken out look for old station to change, the website edits or the administrator also is not fool. (of course you can look for a friend, but also not likely you every industry has, inside the range that so human relation does not consider in me) . Had proposed a new site first website content, inside link, keyword is optimized, the user experiences it is good to wait to be done, when Baidu is collected completely with Gu Ge, had better be when after PR is updated (general the site with better, in-house perfect link is in a content the meeting after GG PR is updated arrives 3) go be being exchanged with others again, can look for PR3 the website to PR5, the site quality that wants you only is good, general manager can be willing be linked with you.

2, hit out actively, search potential to stand newly (with type site) . This also is one of my commonly used methods, for instance a lot of new stations carry search engine in the beginning of build you can be found, but the performance that searching engine is bad, the weight that this still basically is a website is insufficient, after the analysis that can cross oneself at this moment is judged the development of this site (judgement cannot error, this bit of ability should return SEOER is some. ) , the quality of a few links that guide from initial stage of setting of the stand or fall of the domain name, website, content, this website (initial stage of a lot of websites is met have a few links more or less) wait to be able to be judged. If a few new sites have tall PR, quality to still consider better site active to look for them to become a link quite, can accept commonly.

The high quality link that I point to is to show site of course of study of person of the same trade, portal is relevant channel page. Why doesn’t here consider PR to come in, the individual thinks the site of PR5 is not relevant of the type be inferior to a PR3 stand with the type, this sees you how understand.

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