How to go the spider reptile of song of accost Baidu cereal

I am those who come from poineering information network is small make up, we are told today if,tell accost spider, let a spider update website content and snapshot quickly to what I use, have a lot of websites after be being released, the newer rate of Baidu cereal song is very slow, page of a lot of content a few days, half moon even a many month was not collected, how to let Baidu, the spider of Google can are frequent presence and newer website spent?

One, how to let Baidu can update a website quickly!

With oneself the domain name of the website serves as the uniqueness key word on Internet to make an alone page, if make page of a static state, try simply on this page to describe next, proper repetition key word above, be in probably 3 it is good to arrive 4 times. Go next of Baidu know the theme that builds this key word, undertake ask oneself answers. Of Baidu knowing is Baidu updates the fastest place everyday. Want one hair to go up only, the spider visits your website with respect to meeting take advantage of an opportunity. Of Baidu stick, the plan that sends keyword of face of a piece of above to be a name also reachs right result since the meeting. Be in next the skyline community with Baidu very tall weight or ADMIN5 has a few queries and answer.

Undertake searching Site inside Baidu namely next: Can spark the database of Baidu. In the meantime, the inquiry that tool of economic on the station fourdrinier wire with a few tall weight center often has the website is collected also is met be given by Baidu or cereal song spider catch quickly, drawing spider visits your website.

2, how to let Google you can be updated quickly?

The snapshot of Baidu and Google is having bigger distinction, the snapshot time of Baidu is updated fast at Google. The snapshot of Baidu basically is a day, and the periodic meeting of Google is alien because of the website. Normal station nods 9 fast days, slow likelihood is met a many half moon, month. Google provided stationmaster tool, can refer website map to Google through stationmaster tool, the spider that pulling Google thereby has climbed a website, update snapshot quickly thereby. Can undertake referring website map to Google again after website content is updated, the spider of Google can have climbed your website inside 24 hours, the website snapshot time that seeing you was accelerated, newer rate rises greatly.

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