How to consider to search behavior to capture demand of increasingly giant netizen

Financial storm comes over, bigger than the United States " acquired " in the global disaster of appearance is monstrous still. Countless enterprises close down, cut down the member of persons employed reduce salary, more medium and small businesses takes care to maintain below walk with difficulty. Financial crisis is a difficulty to all enterprises. When facing difficulty, a lot of enterprises want to promote work efficiency, use more the sale shift with accurate, advanced essence, accurate capture user demand, thereby the market territory with new open up.

At this moment the movement of everybody, it is to take the lead in landing Baidu or GOOGLE, input the keyword such as financial storm or financial crisis, examine huge message. Everybody is clear, in Internet today, searching engine is the behaviour that how affecting people.

Chinese netizen has been achieved 300 million, exceed the United States to jump house world the first, if the netizen can be used,search engine only. When wanting to understand current affairs heat, you are searched; Do not know network address, you are searched; When buying goods, you are searched; When searching a new occupation, you are searched; When having even your body strange symptom even, you also are not to go to a hospital first, searched search engine to had pervaded the square respect aspect that people lives deep insensibly however; The behavior of people, choice is being alled alone by search engine place is controlled.

How does the enterprise capture increasingly huge netizen demand, study its search behavior, is for oneself business place used? Clever overshoot difficulty, the whole world that held in Xiamen to 10 days on April 9 searchs engine sale congress to will teach you Ji of secret of 5 big pass a test.

Ji of secret of pass a barrier one: Medium and small businesses: Internet will open a window for you

Internet already became China the biggest trade platform, the union of it and traditional industry, will become the impetus with new economy. To most enterprise especially small and medium sized business, b2C, SEM network sale is the best sale pattern that traditional medium and small businesses establishs Internet competition ability.

Below financial crisis, consumer covers in succession close moneybag, they are willing to spend fewer money to buy only with former and same product. They are bought in the net on beautiful time and energy more, than before more essence of life is carried fine anthology, find sexual price to buy goods than highest net thereby.

During financial crisis, quantity of visit of famous B2C platform has the whole world to increase considerably. It is in order to clean out treasure exemple, financial crisis is after September when hypostatic to China economy produces bigger effect, the PV that clean out treasure is shown however rise sharply posture, before amplitude outclass a few months and last year the corresponding period.

However, not be name of a Zhang is registered on B2C platform, display good ware can surge of business of sit back and wait comes. Own B2C runs the company involve knowledge of industry of a lot of Internet and sale knowledge, if strategy application is proper, can achieve great and online sales revenue for the enterprise.

How to let consumer know you? This is the problem that place of all sale, advertisement should solve. Sale of SEM search engine is means of sale of accurate network of essence of another kind of low cost. The XX goods with use search to all alone the English with engine XX best ground grooms the as cheapest as XX ground when consumer when presenting a such requirement, if your website is discharged after search index props up the 2nd page, your business also is equal to like a clay ox entering the sea-never to be heard of again basically. Need not why is the website of strange competitor always discharged before in you, also need not strange you cost cost of many contest price to cannot let hit translate into trade however, if do not know a website to optimize, keyword originality, contest price advertisement manages, your search engine sale cannot produce actual effect.

SMX whole world searchs engine sale congress, will manage a variety of electrons to pay application from own B2C, optimize network advertisement from the website with buy, sell case to analyse to integrated battalion from basic theory of SEM, B2C, curricular enough of two days lets you become an electron business affairs to use exact professional public figure, the trade that allows you and website PV appear to go against force growth breathtakingly euqally.

Ji of secret of pass a barrier website of 2 management sexes: Be about to the queen’s taste, laugh finally!

Do not find new job, do not invest, do not do poineering work financial crisis white-collar has 3 not, travel also is a consumption that is reduced by people above all.

Foreign trade website large quantities of closing down, b2B platform is early feel a bit cold this winter. In crisis period, solid make experience of good website user, just be of all kinds management sex website enhances competition ability road.

SMX searchs congress to will tell you, user of give attention to two or morethings experiences the outstanding website that optimizes with SEO is existence. Discharge of a kind nature of give attention to two or morethings of management sex website, advertisement discharge and partner discharge mix website of website of travel of congress general attention, electronic business affairs to oneself product plans and be adjusted, let manage sexual website can cold winter charges, shuffle in the industry medium laugh go to finally.

Ji of secret of pass a barrier 3: Ad firm: Are you still in submit to humiliation?

Kill draft, firm of ad of do poorly done work over again, you whether already successive all night a lot of days, whether to feel service advertisement advocate more and more submit to humiliation? Party A hard to avoid is captious, because of them need sees real sale is led. If you can present to be able to not show the advertisement sign of the effect only, can you serve is know how things stand and feel confident of handling them angrily how? If you are enumerated,be tall estimated media plan, can you show you how advertisement advocate is money used on edge like the money when oneself?

If advertisement advocate in TV, planar, outdoors started large-scale market promotion, but formed acknowledge when consumer, produced apiration, appear on search engine piece when buying demand, you fail to provide the most significant information on the network however, can bring about facilitate the vacancy that buys segment. To ensure advertisement advocate can change requirement into better trade, perhaps you need a media plan that has sexual price to compare more to give your Party A, and table of article of originality of advertising of a search and the originality that land a page design attach. Differ besides channel, searching advertisement is adman actually can the heaven and earth of originality of the biggest play. Because search advertisement to be able to monitor the changeover that click and trades to lead, adman first time had him consideration the opportunity of effect of originality of what a powerful and unconstrained style. The ROI with a hopeful discharge reports, it is you state power shows when draft resolution the next time, the powerful base of the character that stimulate raise is angry.

Internet domain is quite big, want advertisement bedlamite to act wildly namely! Engine sale congress is searched in SMX whole world, you will be OK communicate face-to-face with 4A ad firm, discuss rich media sale, interactive advertisement trend, collision searchs the passionate scintilla of advertisement originality!

Ji of secret of pass a barrier 4: Old brand: Although money is much, also like low cost efficient sale

Eat break down surely win fruit tower match of the guest and the subway that all alone loves refuse male do laugh at video, these popular incident are old brand operates the classic case of network sale. Same, price of absolutely and more than contest ranks search engine sale, click advertisement paying fee so simple, it can bring discharge and sale not only, can establish the value of old brand and brand old practice through integrated transmission more.

Escape information transmission is superfluous the information interference that forms with media diversity, search engine sale can be the information of the enterprise inside short time achieve result of the biggest best transmission, for the propagandist cost with managing and much business. A large number of advertisement that old brand puts in on traditional media, the price of integrated sale sex that is inferior to Internet probably is higher than coming.

Each sale amounts to a person, how to know sale not to know Internet to go only? Come to Ji of secret of knowledge of industry of Internet of search congress go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, your sale gold drop ability is unapt in wide Internet world annihilation is not had hear.

Ji of secret of pass a barrier 5: Will search congress, cent Internet a cup of a thick soup

Besides overshoot now crisis, the business is mainer is before the generation below look up searchs a trend, ability divides a cup of a thick soup in Internet world.

Netizen demand is diverse and rapid gradual progress, searching casing is exclusive search entrance no longer, wait from information of browser, input method, online dictionary, classification, requirement of search of more netizens, tarry, understanding searchs the entrance please that search engine is differring demand, provide search result. Search engine sale congress through the whole world, you can hold current search engine is how to compete next generation search a netizen.

2009 cannot not word 3G, search congress nature won’t be disregarded. Of national policy unlock, the development of manufacturer of the competition of operation business, terminal, mobile search user is sure to exceed a tradition to search an user, also will search behavior than the tradition more active. How does the business you accomplish the mobile phone terminal that the user carries at any time to come, search congress will be filled invite personage of relevant all circles to be looked into together.