How to Baidu collects new station and have certain rank

Collect new station problem about Baidu, can saying is platitude. All sorts of sound are incessant Yu Er, of all kinds article often also sees, why a lot of people always ask: however?  cuts? of  of Jia Yi of chapter of emperor of window Yu alkyne into parts of course, this and the level of a few novices have particular concern.

But with also have very big concern to the change of policy of new station examine and verify with near future Baidu. Today, the new station that I think to use me the experience of half month comes and everybody shares new station how to let Baidu is collected and have certain rank!

I do not do a website technically, like just, technology, seo, do not talk to go up. Nowadays, baidu of a few stations is collected pretty good. Network address appears inevitably in the article, because such ability say clearly, everybody does not look irrespective, because these a few stations are not aimed at stationmaster, ah!

Before half month, I built a new station, korea dress net () , the domain name was registered on January 12, 2008. Register a week after the website, the hardship that passes me works, my Korea dress net go up line. Go up after the line, with a lot of stationmaster, see discharge count everyday, see Baidu have collect. But left wait right etc, did not see Baidu collects my station namely.

I what serve as stationmaster, mix of course in the heart anxious, but it is suffer from does not have method. But I know, the station content that wants me only is quite good, fixed position is clear, baidu morning and evening can collect my station. I time everyday newer, oneself go looking for a few material, accomplish as far as possible achieve formerly. On January 31 I checked the station that Baidu collected me eventually in the morning, and collect 500 much pages, do not carry in the heart have many glad.

Gladder is, on Feburary 1 I examine stationmaster statistic in the morning, actually Baidu came 30 much IP, among them dress is tie-in one word is the 2nd page in Baidu more, for new to station, this achievement I am very satisfactory, baidu is the biggest to what work before me encouragement undoubtedly.

I feel my new station is collected by Baidu, if my advocate did a few more the following kongfu:

1, achieve an article formerly. Baidu often needs to achieving dispute formerly, and weight is pretty good also.

2, establish Baidu airspace. New station can establish a Baidu airspace related to him website, add a few articles in the space next and him attach the network address of the website. Of course, if feel to build dimensional labor, also can arrive Baidu space home page ( searchs a few recommend a space, leave a message in their space and add a link to also can be accelerated collect.

3, Baidu knows to send post a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender. Baidu knows the column searchs the weight in in Baidu very tall, post of the hair in the column that knows in Baidu is answered stick also can accelerate collect. The pattern that can use ask oneself to answer oneself is his answer setting the answer, the data sources in the answer manages the new station link that adds his.

If you feel Baidu knows it is very troublesome and easy that ask oneself answers oneself,be sealed, the problem that that knows to others replies in solving a problem in a few newest Baidu adds his link. Did not solve to these.