How to analyse user action

Behavior of alleged website user, it is caller in all operations after entering a website, analyse website user action, be helpful for satisfying the user requirement of the website, promote a website degree of belief.

User group

User person main place area, 24 have how many pay a return visit in the hour.

The person that visit

Visit main source which area, be like country, province, city.

Visit quantity

Analyse website month visit, day visit, visit when, will decide the height of the website is is He Yue He Ri when.

The quantity that browse

What caller browses content inside proper time, day is the biggest the quantity that browse how many, day is the smallest the quantity that browse how many.

Discharge origin

Analysing a website is go to the lavatory from which the discharge that come.

Discharge page

The discharge that what page basically draws.

The person that visit is analysed

In frequency of pay a return visit, caller browses how many page, linger in the website how long.

Caller visits an analysis

The systematic language that user computer place uses, uses browser, screen dimension, screen color digit.

Search engine

Searching engine is the tool that provides information inquiry, through analysing website origin keyword, will search engine user to basically pay close attention to a website certainly what respect.

User behavior example:

For example, you basically think a website what content provides authority, then you are about of a website home page on half among put online station advocate hit information board piece, will grab the first vision that takes an user, if you are enterprise website, you are about to consider to contact means to be put in find the place easily, those who be put in the website is medium go up different role position, so advantageous with caller discover convenient connection for a short while.

Website user analyses main job:

1, hold color of website whole layout to wait.

2, data of analytic user behavior undertakes the website is adjusted.

3, master psychology of most website user.

4, plan of website user action.

5, thinking is active, at any time according to user and change.

Baleful user behavior analyses:

1, click to raise a website, hair deceit character, picture, damage user experience.

2, involve pornography, reactionary etc violate compasses content.

3, advertisement is flush, earn money not to drive sb. to his death, fly to what advertisement places all over the sky, affect integral website figure.