How the visit capacity of the website promotes effectively through Google

1. can bring about Google to seal my station when doing SEO

Will promote the website of discharge through doing SEO, the biggest concern is to be afraid of be thought by Google cogged and seal a station, the mission that understands Google and viewpoint of value conduce to remove afraid. Google is network ad firm, the income of ad firm promotes carrier to depend on circulation, and the promotion of carrier circulation relies on carrier to suffer an user to welcome degree again, so Google gives an user establish of viewpoint of value to provide more useful service. Wanting the content that you provide only is user place need, accord with the viewpoint of value of Google, google won’t seal your station.

2. website wants to come true through target analysis

Want to promote a search the flow that engine comes to, above all, want to let Google collect this station webpage, next, want to promote this station the position in searching a result.

Hind civil we with respect to the position from inside how letting Google collect webpage and promotion to stand in search result originally for two respects

3. website target is decomposed

3.1 how to let Google find this station

If want to be collected by Google, need to let Google find this station above all, google has 3 kinds of method to find this station:

A. The person that installed Google toolbar visits this station, if this station had been not have collected by Google, this station understands in the information that Google can return from the toolbar so suffer an user to welcome degree, undertake webpage capture to this station.

B. Other website is linked to what stand originally, had been collected by Google when the page of other website, there is this station link above, google can find this station through exceeding catenary to analyse.

C. When should the user inquires this station information with Site statement, also can make Google active collect this station.

3.2 promotion stand in the rank in searching a result originally

The 3.2.1Google rank to searching a result element:

A. Famous PageRank technique, link the important rate of the webpage of this station namely, actually, look from experience, the effect since this technology place is less and less.

B. Complete station is collected page number, same a webpage, put be being collected with the page that be collected number achieves the website of hundred thousands of in the website that page number has hundreds of pages only in when, the possibility that is hit the target by search engine differs very great disparity, be in continuously in the test of a many month, a content slants quite pornographic webpage, the frequency that is hit the target by search engine user in the website that is indexed prop up hundreds of pages by search only is less than on average everyday, and be hit the target to count by search engine user in another website that is indexed prop up hundred thousands of page by search fluctuate 100 times on average everyday, and stabler.

C. By user visit circumstance, google did such user behavior to assume, if a webpage is important,degree still can’t let an user collect, but when the user has the interest of pay a return visit, very large possibility looks for this webpage through searching engine, so, what click search result according to the user is voting and OK the welcome extent that judges a webpage, this method compares Pagerank even more accord with user demand.

3.2.2 be aimed at rank element make an issue of

A. Promote the PageRank of the webpage, actually, want to accomplish benefit from door to welcome only, can promote Pagerank, e.g. , the page of popular content seniority of a certain site, without what exterior link, the link inside the station also has only, but because content is very popular, so PageRank value can be achieved 5, also said in front, this value looks now is more and more not important, so

B. Promote the webpage that be collected number, do not think the website is put to the net to be able to be searched engine, SNS and rich customer site, between site and site if do not have bridge, break chain very easily, and not be to say to the link can be collected, a lot of links when doing analysis exceeding cable length should be jumped over.

1) there is not catenary between the webpage, when website of rich guest and so on is designed keep chain very easily, the user that does not update for long, from home page how to nod the past, person dot does not go, search engine also climbs to go nevertheless, one settles way is to resemble yellow page website to add user name euqally index page.

2) the method that Google processing webpage links, collect a link 3 times by initiative webpage (do not contain initiative webpage) all webpage, concentration handles all links of these webpages, the opposite link of static page is not added second, but jump to turn and rescript want plan become twice (if A was passed to the B when B,jump turn, so jump this turn should use up, this method again make a move) , all webpages link sort, by initiative webpage important rate allocates line Cheng Jin to be handled all right, if handle ability inadequacy, jump the pace is handled (by themselves view, it is to press a haing rare watch to do jump pace) .

Jump pace processing link writes corresponding webpage to a processing, regard every pairs of Body as computation of a webpage. Know Google handles the way of the webpage, we found the reason that a lot of webpages were not collected, link need calculates again (do not embody a static state opposite address) the address because by plan two, form loop with webpage of each other catenary hard so, the number that is collected is very small, when line Cheng allocates inadequacy, the link is jumping pace when be jumped over, additional, in sort when, because interrogation is treated as by the program grand, may bring about the link that contains question mark to process an error, if hope to be linked A page (A page already was collected by Google) B page is collected certainly, there should be many somes of road to be able to point to B page to just go in 3 links that begin from A page so, is this door page technology? Either, we can look how to come true: AB (click arrive) , ABAB (catenary of two webpages each other) , ABB (B page has the link that points to oneself, return coping and so on for instance) , ABCB (B page and C page have each other catenary) , basically be these a few kinds, so some more the road is very easy, link inside the page especially (the log page of rich guest can be achieved commonly, link because of what there are nearly a few daily records normally in log page) . The page number that actually this basically can see why use net forum is collected little, linking a format is big question, and the link in forming significant link loop to bring about a tower counts inadequacy, also be big question.

Can post through revising actually humanitarian collect link shows all along improves this problem, but must build the link when making a page direct address, need jumps turn can bring about collect do not go in. Because Google regards every pairs of Body as a page, so, such elephantine Oblog log systematic page is very easy be calculated a lot of times, although substantial page number is little, but in front had said, total page number can bring about a webpage to be hit the target more easily more, the system with so right choice is to conduce to promotion searching engine to arrive for certain those who visit.

3) in front said Google viewpoint of value, also be to promote search engine to go to those who seek an amount actually most core place, provide helpful to the user content, did not remember network address when the user and come back through searching engine to search, and clicked this station, so, was equivalent to polling to this station, look from current experience, search engine looks for voting weight to be more than column of installation Google tool to visit this station, webpage link is opposite however instead search result impact is the least, slant pornographic content attracts discharge particularly useful (this kind of network address won’t be collected commonly, but the user has the desire that answers through searching engine to search) .

Actually, if website of a few content resembles a log in that way, use content calendar is compressed change string to come (website structure became page of calendar of channel home page to should hold page of list page content in a few days, it is very difficult that historical content won’t be pushed collected deepness) , also can make the webpage is indexed more easily prop up by search. Basis before experience, be collected by Google the page counts the website in level of 1 million volumes, social news kind index props up the search that content page can attract to visit a quantity to be about 10: 1, channel is collected when 200 thousand page, the IP that visits through searching engine to arrive everyday is about 20 thousand, stability can be achieved after the structure optimizes about 3 months, the user achieves content formerly 20: 1 to 30: 1, for instance rich guest or forum, the authority cost that basically is a reply is too low. If early days uses a few tools to undertake popular content data is collected, the editor undertakes machining arranging appropriately, can achieve very good result.