How should we do enterprise SEO

Well-known, do the SEO of company site, the SEO that has not had any transition to portal site especially optimizes be special hardship.

One, content is obstinate, cannot update

Inside site of major now company so a few small, business news, industry trends, the product is revealed. These the eyeball that the thing a bit in edition piece cannot attract netizen friend.

2, exterior link, extremely difficult

Wanting to seek an exterior link as the enterprise is quite difficult. Above all, the station link that the industry has nothing to do did the site with you to also be equal to do in vain. And concerned or is portal site, they are wanting to earn your money. Or is a competitor, that becomes a link more impossibly with you.

3, update slow, collect too little

Site of a company, how many can you have news and seek advice release. A few months are not updated, several years just collect so a few pages hundreds of pages.

Above at 3 o’clock, it is the predicament that site of major now company comes up against. This site that includes me to be done now at the outset same also.

I adopted the following small method.

One, stand by to portal site, edition of open up content piece

A large number of open up introduce a gender, intellectual sex edition piece, a large number of fill edition piece content, come with these articles hook in netizen. A few days ago I give Baidu contest value stopped, saw discharge and key word, 80% come in through these articles.

2, long end key word replaces popular key word, take a drastic measure to deal with a situation

A few Baidu contest price is more popular can enter home page through optimizing from personal feeling, undertake the technology is optimized entirely. Add the word word that optimizes before entering two pages without method at all in Baidu contest price next.

3, auxiliary site, give full play to one’s remarkable skill

To cooperate company site, I did auxiliary site to seek advice from a station / Info, everybody saw the place with 2 different stations. This additional it is HTM. Because HTM compares ASP,collect fast. I release intellectual it may not be a bad idea in HTM station, release the thing it may not be a bad idea of an unexpected winner, all alone to search through IBP engine is handed over energetically a little next, send a little nod group of hair. Do calm, baidu ranks be far ahead to become company site, want to learn to think, we want a portal site, the search index of industry site props up methodological consumed, return so that learn change train of thought. Above opinion offers reference only. Full moon alone drunk essay, 2008 January 26 days.