How is the website that does not rely on content accomplished it is a center with the user

Use a search recently, the website that discovers an advanced extent has many it is big website or the website with subordinate search, how does in regarding as, small website break through this one predicament, with what ability can acquire discharge and user, the website is less than the look is Wang Hai is it is with the user king.

Content considers as to be all the time previously king, rely on content with respect to Ke Zhisheng, when author Yang Tao and Liu Huafang communicate today, he states the website is built is it is a center with the user, it is most important to acquire an user. It is to a lot of portal stations rely on content success, a lot of websites do not have content now, but support user wins, trade model the website of website and Web2.0, the content that oneself do not produce, they provide service or platform for the user, in the communication in the website, let an user create content.

Rely on the website of content to notting comply, not be less than look is Wang Le of course, it is the design that is core with the user, but go up in appropriate content construction at the same time, should spend from the solution of the user go designing. To creating content by the user, presenting means to go up to should be a center with the user more.

Spend from additional quoin for, content is king, more important is to consider search engine, rely on content to let a search collect, bring more discharge. Have a lot of gregarious websites and commerce website, they have a large number of users, less to the dependence of the search, some websites return screen search engine.

A lot of people do a website to think, support content has flow more, have development, large quantities of the station is collected, or person pork is newer, or bogus is achieved formerly, just change Internet to get on more repetition content, the result that creates finally is user dissatisfaction, the search is malcontent, also bring about a website not to develop to come up, who does the content of the website do, do an user to look, the stand or fall of content is decided by the user, so the website is the most important still come with the user king, come with the user core makes content and service, be like the website with what content gives priority to, want to take the experience of the user seriously when the organization of content, do the content that lets an user like and website.

The stationmaster that searchs greatly in each makes clear in the help, the content of the website should face the content of the user, want to do the content that lets an user like. Zhu Jian flies to Gu Ge’s CTO to be born with to repeat the website that the user likes repeatedly on congress first, the point of view that Gu Ge likes. In searching engine, also the mode of more action that consider an user, search as we have learned mix to the hit of the website according to the user retention period, still have the page that browse, the influence searchs the rank to the website.

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