How is single page website optimized

Since Qiu Shida of Seo Great Master mix excavation beans after 163 mailbox and other single page stations are optimized successfully, caused the intense echo of SEO bound, the study SEO of numerous epigone and successor no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach, increasing single page stands optimize a method to reveal in everybody before, ceaseless also search a more good single page station to optimize skill, what say here is a few everybody’s commonly used method, also be most of the foundation, suit novice and the friend that think station of the page that make sheet is optimized, no matter be,use single page station to do bigger thing, cannot leave these basic premise. Arrange today, also be to be opposite a oneself to review:

Be a keyword above all choose, this is the most crucial place, choose the level of the keyword, it is to see search amount, baidu index and relevant search, need searchs appropriate target keyword patiently. What search a quantity to be controlled in 3000-5000 generally speaking is medium long keyword, competition of this kind of word is intense degree is general and inferior, and relevant search has been measured tens of thousands of and even hundred thousands of, have achieve value. The view that circulates on the net is the key word that avoids those tall search amounts, do because single page is general very hard, and the word that seeks amount of a few relevant low searches, very helpful to the long-term development of single page, of periodic existence if potato teleplay is online,watch, instantaneous discharge enters the space one number like goddess in the moon, divine boat blasts off 7 numbers, long-term sex discharge is like code of CSS of the net inside school, picture of exposure of Liu Yifei whole body, video of star bed play, zhang Baizhi synthesizes a graph to wait. This is orient and the process that concern success or failure, on the flower a few hours and even time of a few days go searching had not been. Be as long as in our choice keyword, it is for the competition with intense escape, where is the competitive rate that how sees a keyword? It is the station before rank of analytic home page leans firstly, whether to have surmounted assurance. The level that checks weight is top class domain name > catalog > page, the length that uses me (the weight of top class domain name) those who go surpassing rival is short (page) , it is to look to whether Baidu knows next, baidu space, the sign that the portal stands greatly, finally is to insist to return chain, in this process you often can discover the sign of SEO ace.

at 2 o’clock, choose a top class domain name, recommend Cn, although mainstream viewpoint is betterer, but ORG.CN is used hamly by SEOER, instead CN looks more a few more natural. We want to accomplish, it is compose builds a perfect single page. Form, DIV layout all but, just be sure to keep in mind nest not too much, raise a keyword to believe comparing of a confusion of voices. At the beginning when, do not consider keyword density painstakingly, let a page arrange its nature it seems that, alleged doing not have SEO is best SEO, it is to say to become namely friendly to the search idea already when exert a subtle influence on, SE likes made station nature. Of course, to the novice, density had better be looked up with tool check after finishing, control at the beginning in 5% had compared when the left and right sides, can adjust ceaselessly among, reached the mark without SEO continuously.

at 3 o’clock: Of Title write a law. Just went up headline of the page when the line can use safer individual style, for instance the rich guest of ** , of mood log and so on, once be collected successfully, be about to undertake boldly modification. Here should understand the participial technology of Baidu, so called long end is right for caption, not be individual long end, write a law to want to let him SE divide end keyword, for instance to a popular teleplay, according to relevant search and index, its TITLE can be written into colonel to divide introduction of part the plot of a play | Colonel teleplay downloads | Round grown ending, to goddess in the moon, can write into goddess in the moon to blast off enter the space direct seeding | Goddess in the moon goes straight towards lunar picture, video one number. Of course, the attention controls the density of the length of caption and keyword.

at 4 o’clock: The compose of weight is built. The first target is to be collected, if you have Baidu the station of frequent patronage, add a few exterior links, general 9 days are collected. New station is inside assessment period, collect home page only commonly (we want here caption was Chongzhongzhi weighed) 3 o’clock, after collecting a success, we want patient ground compose to build outside catenary, now to SE, group hair as good as at court death, SEO had entered group of periods that establish. Rich guest is very good group establish a goal. Have the word of the tool, the article that guides a few belts are linked everyday, write down, you are new station, and cope with cleverer and cleverer Baidu, do not send too much. Without the friend of the tool, person pork group building is best choice. Baidu and GOOGLE stand to the portal the newer rate of rich guest is breathtaking, the flexible language that sends in the morning commonly, collected afternoon, here recommends a best resource, that is mixed namely dispatch rich guest, a BLOG is equivalent to domain name of a 3 grade, the website of its weight and common independent domain name had comparatived, not was versed in with the while you’re at it of dispatch tool, build good BLOG, friendship adds his station, next manual / the article that the tool guides into a large number of belts text is linked. Actually a lot of SEOER are using the chain outside be being done with dispatch all the time, today Liu Rui swim send this resource clearly for the first time, perhaps the day of its existence before long.

When to accomplish above, patient ground awaits. After collecting, can update the partial content of home page everyday, at the same time the attention watchs keyword incoming road of statistic, adjust caption slowly write a law. The novice is OK from take instantaneous discharge take as the point of departure, the instantaneous discharge of disdain to do of a lot of old birds, its effect also is breathtaking, competition is challenged to compare intense search to measure bigger keyword slowly again later. Of course, not single page of bureau be confined to, to every website, can blend in among them method. The process of SEO, it is the process that a black box checks, should have been done with one’s own hands, just grasp its skill and pattern slowly. Use free communication platform, increase the interactive sex of website and client, increase flow.