How is FLASH optimized

Everybody is good, the theme of my lecture is how FLASH is optimized, time is brash, please authority is great forgive!

In recent years because the visual effect with beautiful FLASH and vast originality space, the FLASH technology application in webpage design and network advertisement is very wide, a lot of website home page are designed with FLASH entirely even. But FLASH webpage has a very fatal problem, search engine to cannot identify the information in FLASH for the most part namely. Google also can retrieve partial Flash file only medium inside embed a link.
List the code of home page of an enterprise website below, make with FLASH, notice to whether can see significant text version please:

It is quotative content below:
<meta Http-equiv=Content-Type C>
<style Type=text/css>
< ! – – Body {Margin-left: 0px;Margin-top: 0px;Margin-right: 0px;Margin-bottom: 0px;
– – >
<link Rel=stylesheet Href=style.txt Type=text/css>
<body Bgcolor=#FFFFFF Text=#000000>
<table Border=0 Width=100% Height=100% Cellspacing=0 Cellpadding=0>
<td Width=100% Background=images/bg.jpg><div Align=center>
<table Width=777 Border=0 Align=center Cellpadding=0 Cellspacing=0>
<td><object Classid=clsid27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000Codebase= /p. . ., 0, 29</ P. . . S/flash/>
, 0 Width=777 Height=455>
<param Name=movie Value=index.swf>
<param Name=quality Value=high>
<embed Src=index.swf Quality=highPluginspage=</ Go/getflashplayer>Type=application/x-shockwave-flash Width=777 Height=455></embed>
<span Class=style2>

Make a station to the enterprise, the boss likes animation station, think that is good, use the tool of imitate spider program again at the same time, the test props up results of pair of this page capture to be as follows to search index:
Spidered Text (the text that the spider can identify) :
This Welcome page uses FLASH technology, if cannot be browsed normally,enter If You Are Not Able To View The Animated Pleass Install Plug-in First directly
Spidered Links (the link that the spider can identify) :
</ Shockw>. . . Gerpages/flash.htmlAsp-bin/big5/ ? Page=1 (downloads the link address of FLASH plug-in unit)
</ Shockw>. . . Gerpages/flash.html

Can concluding accordingly is: Spider order did not stand in this intranet home page obtains any significant text content, edition of Chinese edition English is entered in also obtaining this Flash home page the link of decisive content.

It is OK that FLASH optimizes from the following 3 respects will consider: 3 main fields

1, make version of an auxiliary HTML:

Withhold original FLASH version while, return the version that can design form of a HTML, can maintain dynamic and beautiful effect already so, the webpage that also can let search engine to pass HTML version will discover a website.

2, HTML file will set inside Flash:

Still can undertake redeeming through changing webpage structure, do not design whole webpage Flash animation namely, embed Flash content however in HTML file, be browsed to the user so and can not weaken visual effect, search engine is OK also discover a few necessary information from inside HTML code, enter the link of content page especially. Although home page employed FLASH entirely, also should will enter inside the decisive pushbutton of the page / besides file of link park FLASH, the means that links with independent simple text appears. Above paragraphs case links Chinese edition park FLASH file in, make spider program empty-handed, cannot capture arrives inside page information.
Attention: Do not design whole webpage Flash animation, embed Flash content however in HTML file

3, pay cost to log onto search engine:

If FLASH website missed the opportunity that is retrieved automatically by engine of free technology search, perhaps search a result to rank the effect not quite ideal, can login through paying fee or make ad of search engine keyword, be searched by the user likewise. Ah, our individual that pays fee is not paid attention to on the whole, commercial website should use FLASH less as far as possible, when undertaking advertisement is exchanged between the site, also should avoid to use FLASH advertisement to be the best thing to do.

Form is the composing way with the most important webpage. If a certain webpage introduced paragraphs big full length text version, besides can become one’s duty of one page article much area, in still can considering to enter text place different form, manage not only so convenient, also make content of every form when this page to load ordinal to load, the person that visit so can look to already downloaded content to await odd part to load at the same time at the same time, is not to await very long later just simultaneously to load comes out. The liner of form embeds too much form to also go against page to load, because the browser is first to load is over what embed inside to load again is small after old table form, because be embedded inside this,form can lower rate of full page to load finally.

The webpage reduces weight:

Code installs misgivings to extend time of webpage to load not only, order of spider of serious also effect is right the capture of webpage content. Decrease through undertaking clear to webpage code (common says the webpage reduces weight) , the code with take out mixed and disorderly overstaffed, reduce webpage file size, can accelerate rate of webpage to load, it is important to make a spider fast index content. The file size of page of normal circumstance the next is controlled in 15K, had better not exceed 50K. The webpage reduces weight to involve the following points mainly:

The webpage is made should pass CSS (cascade style table is simple) will unite custom-built font style, in order to make code is standardized, avoid much style and format to be like,change label<H1 ></ H1 > , <font Size=××Color=××></ Font > is full of a page. Pass Css to be able to control the style of any HTML label. For example <td> , <p> , <body> , <table> , <tr> , <th> . Want the style that corresponding label appoints between the <style Type=text/css> inside the <head> area of HTML and </style> to be like font only, color, size can, for example:

It is quotative content below:
<style Type=text/css>
< ! – -H2 {Font-family: ; Font-size of body of the Song Dynasty: 12pt; Color: #333366; Background-color:
#FFCCCC; Font-weight: Bold}H1 {Font-family: Arial; Font-size: 12pt; Color: #993300}
– – >

Pass above setting only, wait for all to come along with respect to color of the font the character, name, color, setting, need not undertake to every paragraphs of character the format is defined alone, reduce many repeatability label thereby.

JavaScript: Below normal circumstance, the webpage regards the beginning of code as end with <HTML> as far as possible. But the webpage that uses JavaScript technology often piles up at the beginning in the page many JAVA code, down to META and key word cannot appear tardy, be pushed to come the page is bottom, very chilly to searching engine. What two kinds of methods can make is able to improve:

2, the file that enters JAVA script place patulous name of a.js.
Be come down by cache in the browser of the person that the.js file of the JavaScript that includes you is visited in the website normally, make visit speed to accelerate next time, also make the website is revised and safeguard rise more convenient. Exemple: Code of a paragraph of JAVA shows as follows below normal circumstance:

It is quotative content below:
<script Language=JavaScript>
< ! – –
It is your code here, copy them file of a.js
/ /- – >

Oversight begins to reach end label, save the code among the file that is.js for patulous name alone, if file name is a file of Mycode.js, upload this file the as similar as this page list on the server to fall next. Finally above paragraphs enumerated complete JavaScript displacement is simple group: <script Language=JavaScript Src=mycode.js></script> such, file of a Mycode.js with respect to paragraphs will big expatiatory and complex JAVA code displacement.

Finally, recommending a FLASH to optimize tool Flash Optimizer to everybody is the Flash animation that a function uses easily simply formidably [*.SWF] file optimizes a tool, the program uses special algorithm to be able to narrow the bulk of Flash animation file have original 60%-70% only, and can maintain animation quality basically changeless! It is net canal, webpage stylist, the Flash of first selection of stylist of professional Flash animation is optimized compress a solution! Download address: / I download / / Flash_optimizer.rar what everybody has fun at is OK look, thank