How individual website casts off pair of Baidu depend on

A few days before, because the way station of a my 1000 much IP is unidentified reason by Baidu K. By K later, I begin to think remove this problem to come. Stationmaster meets the Chinese website that has qualifications and record of service a bit to love to be hated again again to Baidu. Of love is Baidu the flow that brought discharge wants to be brought than other search engine absolutely is large, of hate is Baidu it is a search artificial operation searchs the search engine with most result inside engine. Ah, say to return say, this also is a kind of conjecture only, this prove in my hand without real evidence.

Said to inscribe, said the thing that a few everybody know. But, before returning subject, I analyse the origin problem of our website discharge even, understood this problem only, wait for the understands me subject with better ability. Normally the circumstance falls, a website, its discharge can have a few source, it is search engine, 2 it is classified retrieval, 3 it is friendship link, 4 it is direct visit, 5 it is wrong input. See here, may major friend had understood, do not cross me or make an explanation a bit, basically be for our dish bird friend.

One, search engine. Baidu is not the biggest search engine, but the biggest source is the website to Chinese. Gu Ge, Yahoo is at the back of Baidu, this is 3 big search engine of Chinese, stand in mine nevertheless, the discharge that is like Baidu to come wants far be more than other search engine. Somebody ever put forward, do not rely on to search engine, rely on strange tiger old perhaps standard brings discharge. Strange tiger and old standard can bring discharge really, nevertheless they still belong to search engine, belong to specializationed search engine, also call perpendicular search engine. Inside domestic website, still have engine of a kind of search, so-called and OK the result that searchs many searches engine at the same time, these stations are not true search engine, is polymerization of a search only, obvious point says even if be together very much search engine group, these stations I use 1 day of time to be able to draw up only. When nevertheless myself writes search group really, beautiful time wants many a little bit, because I was designed,compare other search group more functions, you have fun at the search group that can write to me looks, can help you understand how to cast off pair of Baidu to count this problem. Additional, the search that I write in me listed engine of many perpendicular searches in polymerization, also may be opposite you are useful. The searchs polymerization address that I keep is. Add: Too much now strong person writes soft Wen Laixuan to pass his website, if you feel this also is, the search that need not visit me is aggregate.

2, classified retrieval. Classified retrieval is to should antedate actually the technical concept that search engine appears, the famousest, also be the biggest classified retrieval website may be DMOZ, his domain name is DMOZ.ORG. The difficulty that logs onto DMOZ.ORG nevertheless is very big, I still log onto a success without the website. But irrespective, because classify,retrieve and do not have DMOZ only. In home, the famousest classification retrieves is HAO123, 265 navigation. These navigation websites come up from essence say, also be a kind of classification retrieval. Because too much person writes an article to introduce these navigation websites, I did not introduce more. Nevertheless I had logged onto GJJ, can bring discharge really. What I should say is, because these navigation websites collect many website, unless the position is very good, the discharge that brings otherwise also is not big. You are imagined, IP100 of a day the navigation of 10 thousand stands, collected 100 thousand network address, come down on average, every website can get how many flow. Of course, this is a kind of simple calculation only, but can understand by this, the discharge that classified retrieval can bring is very finite. Another advantage that entry classification retrieves is to be able to get PR is divided, prepare to get more flow in the future thereby.

3, friendship link. The discharge that friendship link brings also very won’t big, the place with the most conspicuous website that is willing to put the link of others to oneself without what person, divert oneself flow thereby. But friendship discharge still can bring new caller to you, make you obtain Pr value to add cent. But those who want an attention is, I once came up against value of a so-called PR to seek a link for the website of 6, next the make chained list range that he gives you is the website that turns to you, it is a page that points to him himself actually, jump through that page the website that turns to you, means of this kind of link I feel is to won’t give you to bring PR value to add cent. GJJ is additionally one kind of example, what his page points to is the page inside his station, call your website with frame next, this kind links means, although can bring discharge, but helpless at your PR the value adds cent. Ah, chose the name of GJJ, hope to won’t be punished by GJJ, delete my site link. Still a few self-help exchange a link, allege even can be identified by search engine, for instance vanward catenary. But I express to suspect to this all the time. In addition, these self-help exchange a link to seem to also call a link the factory, SEO ace says to be able to be indexed prop up penalty by search. This I am not too clear, after all the SEO knowledge that I know a few shallow only, be disinclined to see the E Wen Wenzhang of foreign SEO ace.

4, direct visit. What person is the meeting of the website that visits you directly? Old caller! Namely those are attracted by your website the domain name that can remember you to him, the network address that perhaps is willing to collect you establishs your network address the person that is home page even. To the website of a few maturity, these discharge are the most important discharge. The medium that still has 3 flood a few times also can bring the discharge of direct visit, make a noise so that cannot open the scampish software that make now for instance, even mail of virus, rubbish. Ah, this topic still is put at the back say inside subject.

5, wrong input. This respect has a very good case, I also see Internet news see, believe the likelihood also has other friend to see, it is the case that UTUBE prosecutes YOUTUBE. Ah, what do not understand is OK go searching look for this news to look, think next.

Good, the origin of a few discharge of the website has said, can turn into subject now, how cast off pair of Baidu namely depend on.

The first, do good content. Enrich your content, the site that uses you goes the heart of capture caller. A moment ago had mentioned in front, the discharge that mature website visits directly is very important, so, understand accordingly, want to obtain the discharge of direct visit, and make considerable, making your site becomes mature is very important. A site should mature, it is certain that content is abounded, but, not be content was enriched, this site is mature, the face is distinguishing here. Now, too much person goes making rubbish station, become a site through collecting a future life, at first sight, it is very mature to be like this site, not be actually, but, substantial the content of this site repeats in great quantities with the content of other website, without what readability, site of this kind of rubbish is final be the dependence that cannot cast off pair of Baidu. The site of alleged maturity, enrich besides content beyond, must insist to ceaselessly the new thing that starts formerly comes out, such ability calculate it is maturely to go up. The person that fall behind for instance, although above also be full of a large number of COPY the content from other website, but still ceaselessly strong person is written achieve an article to seek fogyism formerly, perhaps publicize oneself website. Still have a few people, can put eye in how him beautification above the site, but what I should say is, content just is a foundation, after all the website that person a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers asks you is the content that the hope understands or obtains your website to offer, is not to admire you how him beautification site.

The 2nd, pick good domain name. Actually this also had a lot of strong people to write an article on one hand. I offer a train of thought here, when namely should a new renown station comes out, might as well register as similar as his domain name domain name come down, it is UTUBE and YOUTUBE same. Additional, the domain name should agree with content, after all besides Baidu, still have other and numerous search engine, with content uniform domain name is helpful for you obtaining good rank in search result.

The 3rd, do not undertake SEO in the light of Baidu. Do not do SEO to be equal to in the light of Baidu do not do SEO. Do a website, do not do SEO, be very difficult development, because the stationmaster of the majority is being done,optimize, the webpage that you do not optimize you appears very hard in front of what search engine to search a result. But, do not do SEO in the light of Baidu, want to be aimed at GOOGLE however, because GOOGLE is of result of search of won’t artificial operation. In GOOGLE when your a certain page a certain popular keyword discharges first moment, you can are opposite Baidu turn a blind eye to. Still have even if be in the process of your SEO, perhaps your result can be in some paragraph of time Baidu rank is very high, this moment is not contented, want to continue to adjust, do not discharge your page because of Baidu advanced face stops to optimize, when the discharge that comes when GOOGLE only exceeds Baidu far, you just can cast off Baidu.

The 4th, devise a good promotion mechanism. To website of electronic business affairs, a good promotion mechanism is very principal. I once wrote an article, the title is " sell type continuously close hire space and send the fictitious lead plane that sells type, who do you choose? " , here face, mentioned a few pass the distributors of fictitious lead plane that sells type. Ah, but, also be distributors of these fictitious lead plane, have vitality very much. Distributors of these fictitious lead plane, the likelihood ranks a result in Baidu bad, but, they still can live and develop, because have this kind,pass the sale channel that sells type namely. Pass annul, also call MLM actually, the interpreter comes over to seem is to cry mutiple level sale, not quite remembered. The country sells be blow to be being passed illegally, because he destroys social order, accordingly, some people can be heard pass annul change with respect to color. But, to website of electronic business affairs, the theory that can use MLM completely will devise promotion mechanism. The search group that still takes me will cite case, I devised mechanism of a kind of promotion according to MLM inside search polymerization, when to friend introduction when the user this searchs polymerization, his friend gets offline with respect to what become him, when the friend that becomes him next introduces a friend again, the 2 form that become him get offline. My search polymerization supports 3 class to get offline. This kind gets offline system becomes advertisement in my website change when a certain user will give when the user on the user of the line brings redound, the advertisement that the line on his 3 class can throw from him obtains one part to serve as pay in cost. This is a kind of MLM is applied theoretically. Of course, my website is not compulsive every user pays fee, this and home’s popular alleged SOHO are passed selling is distinguishing. System of this kind of promotion makes website of electronic business affairs can cast off pair of Baidu completely to be opposite even of all search engine depend on. Some websites devised the promotion method that sells type continuously, the means that acts as agent directly through developing will promote the sale of the website, but, the friend that whether your member that sell continuously is willing to introduce your website to him or Where is client? It is of course not, unless he introduces,can bring redound to him to the friend. And in front the allure that the MLM that tells transmits depends on, after the transmission that passes many administrative levels, every user may acquire an amount extremely giant get offline, these getting offline that bring likely extremely the redound with big . Of course, in my search polymerization, also after a certain user has the likelihood to get offline numerously, his get offline to be advertisement user without any user change, bring redound to him. But the behavior that I designed other redound mode to reward website of this kind of conduct propaganda. Should complement here of a bit is, means of this kind of promotion special agree with sale kind website of electronic business affairs, and the sale profit that becomes you is higher, the redound of the user that gives you is more rich and generous, this kind of vitality that extends pattern is stronger also. Some friends may worry be hit, need not worry actually, although you used MLM theory, but should not destroy social order only, the sale of type of this kind of redound, what won’t be bothered. For instance the multistage of 10 thousand nets of Chinese acts as agent mechanism, also be a kind of MLM is applied theoretically actually.

The 5th, beautiful money advertises. If your site is website of electronic business affairs, your discharge can bring immediate profit to you, so you can take out one part from inside, cast go up in advertisement. But, the face also can have a risk here, for instance you put in advertisement, how although you put in advertising website to boast to you,discharge is like why big, but the flow of the website to you is so little however finally that the flow of the website to you have pity on. And, a lot of websites of domestic are brushing discharge now, use the advertisement fee that brushs the discharge that come out to cheat you next. Ah, still recommend an article that writes before me to you, " the sensible advertisement that puts in you " , likely also the title was misremembered, you can search to my rich guest, should return above. Additional, I wrote an evaluation ad recently the website of value, to advertisement undertake evaluating, network address is [Url][/url] , the friend that have fun at also can look. I searched roughly, be like home to still do not have this kind of website, of course, after my station, this kind of website perhaps can keep appear come.

The 6th, with all sorts of scampish method promotion. For instance rubbish mail, virus, plug-in unit. Ah, here is only listed come, the dependence that casts off pair of Baidu as a kind method, I won’t do such thing.

The 7th, do not do a website. This is the most culminating method that casts off pair of Baidu to depend on. Some friends perhaps can laugh, but I want to ask you, what is the end that you become a website? If be electronic business affairs, so the Alibaba that you can choose B2B, even the platform of a B2B that Chinese Department of Commerce rolls out, I remember the domain name disastrous, seeming is free. If you are to do B2C, you also can choose numerous B2C store. If you do C2C, do not have more so be necessary to do a website, go cleaning out treasure easy perhaps interest is OK. If you just want to save your file, so the Google Docs Spreadsheets that you can choose GOOGLE, that is free. If you want to publicize your idea, so you can keep rich customer, want you to hold on only, you become eminent rich guest possibly to keep a hand, and website of partial gain guest can let the advertisement code that you put in above your rich guest in you, for instance BLOGCN.COM, I above the code that puts in GOOGLE ADSENSE, even the BLOGGER.COM of GOOGLE, flat give you compositive the function of GOOGLE ADSENSE. Here says a word that turns over Baidu, do not go Baidu space, because above cannot put advertisement on code.

Said so much, should the friend that work laboriously of not let sb down reads. What I tell is not complete, there still are other methods to let you can cast off the dependence to Baidu on this world. When one day you cast off the dependence to Baidu, the maturity with your already complete site, and conversely, if you cannot cast off the dependence to Baidu from beginning to end, your site can be each person website only from beginning to end, and it is a small website.

Add: This article hair stands in fogyism and stationmaster, had read without what person, I am not certain have to wants authority for good, just wrote come out, hope to be able to get a few self-identity of course, go to just like you a stone is thrown in the well, total meeting hopes to hear plump. Another respect, also can see, the person inside fogyism and stationmaster station forum, it is the website that goes sending a card to publicize his mostly, and very few somebody can be static next hearts go, read the family’s article. Actually I like to read long article very much however, because have long implied meaning only,ability can say so that understand reason. Ah, turn to here again, the hope can have a few helps to you.