How has been the website done optimize operation

After the website has been done, how does first consideration do good website to extend operation, how the website is optimized, whether do you consider the following aspect, hou Qinglong is emphasized how to optimize a website, talk about oneself practice:

One, website theme, name, had picked proper website name, it is the premise that fixed position of prospective website target develops.

2, user experience, define design of good website figure, those who accord with user colour sense organ and vision is convenient.

3, column edition piece classification, develop way according to the website, with the administrative ability of stationmaster, differentiate website classification, set is corresponding edition piece.

4, website characteristic, every website should have corresponding distinguishing feature, as the soul of the website, if unluckily uniform, not advocate make distinguishing feature, it is not to take visitor, those who cannot foster long-term user.

5, layout layout colour

Layout does not want as far as possible very loaded down with trivial details, such experiences giving a person are very great very random, feel do not wear brains, and should not be the following newer, damage website weight. Colour does not exceed 5 kinds as far as possible, according to the industry with located website, will delimit color separation colour matchs.

6, speed and effect, if open rate is too slow, perhaps cannot open completely, so immediate impact seeks object test, at present the webpage format of the mainstream is to use webpage of Div+Css+ static state, the form will make website page.

7, kiss and spend with alternant sex, kiss and spend, it is a website easy by the user group accept. And spend interactively, it is to experience what give user function to go up in the website is convenient, practical not loaded down with trivial details.

8, advertisement is shirt-sleeve, advertisement is for website operation, do a website to want reason now, cannot amuse only give priority to, want to consider how to let a website realize gain. Have website profit only, the ability benefit long evolution at the website, but notice advertisement design is put did not damage website image, website design and advertisement photograph are shirt-sleeve.

9, the website is updated, safeguard the hematic arteries and veins that is equivalent to a website newlier of content, if the website has been done hind, nobody management is safeguarded, add new content, that website is equivalent to dead station. Have the government with constant in a steady stream only, newer, website ability provides energy more, attract more user.

10, website label design, if the theme that less than allows wants to title in webpage caption design, perhaps be defined with the keyword of webpage content, caption is controlled in 15 words as far as possible, 3 terms are keyword label optimal, webpage description is OK and proper, 30 words are controlled can.

11, the website cooperates, the purpose that the website cooperates depends on, help promotion each other, cooperative means basically is reflected in with crossing-over of relevant website column, exchange friendship link, such is helpful for that increase website flow each other while, increase website viscosity.

12, map and interior construction, website map, it is job of capture of facilitating search engine, can raise a website to collect an amount, interior construction is a website from in the interior outside arriving is linked can mutual how-to, and convenient search indexes prop up capture.

SEO is optimized depend on detail, alleged and fine point sees work force, the article just analysed relevant idea roughly, only your field surface considered on detail, just be the place that becomes the key that good website optimizes.

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