How does website stationmaster do the search engine of good website to optimize

Search engine is optimized (namely SEO) is a very important fundamental sex website promotion works. Its principle is the regulation that collects the website automatically according to search engine, undertake the website the relevant processing such as the technology, in order to facilitate website can fast and effective be collected by search engine. Statistic makes clear, the visit quantity of most website has 70% must come through searching engine, your website is searching reason the expression on engine how, affected the rate that the website is accepted by everybody directly. Review website of domestic small and medium sized business, great majority did not do good search engine to optimize the job. Some companies are willing to cost all sorts of paid promotion methods to popularize a website, the expression in often searching engine however owes beautiful, promotion effect is not ideal, there is a very main reason here is oversight the search engine of website itself optimizes the job.

Search engine optimizes since technical stronger job, also be one is the same as enterprise characteristic be closely bound up, need often is analysed and seek the job of exterior collaboration. Carry out a proof, search engine optimizes the job to be able to let a website there is good performance on search engine not only, and can let whole website look relaxed and lively, the page is efficient and concise, cause client can approach a theme continuously, website play went out to communicate the optimal effect of enterprise and client.

Let us look from the following respects how ought to do good search engine to optimize the job:

One, the error that walks out of FLASH and picture

Many enterprise websites were full of many picture and FLASH animation, this just looks little imagine very beautiful. Resemble Google, the Baidu search index that collects a website automatically is propped up, mix to the picture FLASH is very of the cold, they cannot identify the meaning that these file place convey, cannot collect search to index in propping up, come consequently. Need to notice in the course that so the enterprise is building him website, picture or FLASH animation can want, but not too flush, going too far as bad as not going far enough. Be fond of use FLASH to guide the website of the page, can be the same as FLASH guiding page union of website home page to rise as far as possible, avoid to search engine search to be less than; of home page information to be able to use the place that the character conveys, be not replaced as far as possible with the picture, avoid to accomplish the character inside the picture, want to let a character become protagonist, the picture is an ornament only.

Some enterprises think the website wants image of perfect show company namely, do not need to have content of too much character, and should accomplish beautiful Huan of United States annulus. And be opposite in fact caller, the first impression is admittedly important, but the take delight in talking about that always repeats the beautiful picture that sees a piece do not have how many content, information or wonderful animation to be able to not make caller long, even in the end does not know this website is what to do, the information that industry need is revealed and allows client understanding was not instead in client brains keep memory. It is the angle that the station alls alone in search engine is optimized no matter so, still be integral website appeals to the point of view that seek, enterprise website must notice not to allow many picture and animation a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, and ought to a bit more floriferous time weaves in the preparation of the data and content on, let a client know really useful information.

2, keyword of affirmatory website core

After website of a few enterprises has been built, also can login actively a few collect fees search engine, this to the website by public place acknowledge it is advantageous. But they often go up in the choice of the keyword and did not take seriously very much, or lists the word speech that gives one pile to be concerned with the enterprise, or regards a keyword as the name of the enterprise merely. The website keyword that decides casually so, generalizes website connotation is not accurate, information expression has be short of break, the effect sold at a discount.

The choice of website keyword depends on greatly the train of thought of company construction website. Core keyword is not too much, common limit is in 5 less than. On the choice of the keyword, can you divide a respect to undertake: ? Does large bamboo hat of violet Ren Qiao guide Wu of Hui exhausted  asks dispatch  barks noisy does bed of exhausted  Li cut favour to guide Hui Pi?