How does the website that SEO has optimized prevent to be fallen to counterpoise

The website did SEO to optimize, and obtained good search rank, how to let a website maintain stable rank to prevent to be fallen to counterpoise by search engine, it is the problem that most stationmaster cares, introduce how to prevent the ingredient that the website is fallen to counterpoise to everybody today, the hope can be helped somewhat to broad stationmaster.

One, content is cogged

Many stationmaster for better raise a rank, often add on the website some have nothing to do the theme perhaps grows end keyword, search engine for deceit, will pull drainage to measure, short-term taking discharge is pretty good, but be not done for a long time for the website, you should know the search is very at present much is by what manage artificially, those who do is again good the eye that also does not escape to pass these people, do not scorn a search.

2, the server is stable

The server is one of infrastructure of the website, in the course that chooses a server, look for a server as far as possible stable, fast, if the server is not stable, search engine spider is undertaking capture is mixed when updating, if the website cannot be visited normally, search a rank with respect to meeting influence, fall gently weight criterion website by K.

3, website caption

Often do not revise website caption and label, after searching engine capture, won’t show immediately come, want to have process of a refresh, often change to cause website rank to drop likely during this, search even demote.

4, the website is tectonic

Change structure of a website, be equal to let search a spider to had come afresh, the spider should undertake crawling indexing to your website afresh, enter to your website catalog, classification afresh ask for, this also is a when affect normal rank main reason.

5, search engine is algorithmic

Those who search engine algorithm is newer, bring about a rank to drop, before some the normal rank that should learn to observe what detail place affects your website, change oneself account, let a website more accord with search engine level.

6, website content

You whether to raise a website collect a page, add data bulk, and collect data wildly, such very short during it is pretty good, but such station is dropped very easily by search engine K, the database of the search often meets the content of a capture and him database content is compared relatively, the content that should discover you is similar or similar, light demote, depilate again, the proposal wants to abound the word of data, acquire as far as possible some of content related to the website, have alternative accretion, some of content that enrols a person to like major quite is copied on more relevant website, had better add some achieve formerly, such more denounce search spider to like. The website is updated regularly even, had better be to be updated every day, such every time the spider will crawl can discover new content, weigh and like to go up your website.

7, quality link

Your website as it happens is put together with a few cogged websites, these websites are fallen to counterpoise, remove sb’s name from the rolls, not be among index capture, the website that brings about you is infiltrated together limbo, the website that affects you directly also is driven out, be absent index capture.

8, the website is atttacked

Your website is atttacked, the hacker is embedded virus code, the influence creates caller computer toxic, be complained to the search by caller. Search engine also drives out the website that contains aggressiveness, searching engine after all is serving.

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