How does the keyword of SEO forecast popular keyword

Do SEO, of the keyword optimizing is among them an important part, those who do a keyword optimize, stationmaster is immersed in two kinds of extremes very easily, a kind of extreme is special those who do popular keyword optimize, say for; of tactics of the Red Sea another kind of extreme is special do keyword of an unexpected winner optimize, say for art of blue naval battle.

Of these two kinds of keywords optimize have quite big a batch advocate, but what I should say is, use band of two kinds of tactics together, ability achieves the optimal result that the keyword optimizes, find La Hai in the Red Sea namely namely, want can accurate dope is popular keyword.

Become popular key word, although a popular key word discharges the 2nd page the 3rd page, brought discharge also is considerable. For instance little game, in Baidu at the back of the 3rd page, still can come everyday 89 IP left and right sides. And although average term is in the first one day to also can bring a few IP to you only.

How to find so called long remaining part in the Red Sea? Want him society to observe, forecast the trend of popular keyword. With respect to now, having a few kinds keyword is may popular, a few are listed below, everybody mights as well have a try:

1, keyword: 2009

2008 be about very quickly to go, was about to come 2009, so the popular keyword that keyword of this 2009 time can anticipate namely, very much popular keyword plus this 2009 be a new keyword, a lot of software, program, telecine can appear 2009 version, so we should find out a few keywords that just should change one year commonly, next coronal with 2009 can become a new popular keyword.

2, keyword: Teleplay ending

What download as a result of online video and video is fervent, a lot of people are chased after on the net watch a TV series, so we can search a list of names posted up of wind and cloud in Baidu (/ ) be pleasant to the eye a lot of popular keywords are about the TV series. At this o’clock we are OK referenced study, this needs us to be able to analyse a what TV well and truly is most suffer a netizen to chase after hold in both hands, general everybody cares such TV very much ending.

Our so hot to be in now teleplay keyword, OK the coronal is with big ending suffixal. Such keyword is sure the meeting is very popular. To the film and teleplay, we should know what paying close attention to what to kind of telecine is everybody, actually these also have mark but abide, for instance Han drama, basically be in home is to sow a fire, still have the teleplay of Hong Kong TVB, so we should be aimed at them in time to had made the preparation of popular keyword.

3, keyword: Download is answered put

If you see a very popular video, for example 2009 spring late, you want to come down its download to look very much. The popular keyword that arises first commonly is 2009 spring the keyword such as late direct seeding. Had direct seeding of course, affirmative meeting somebody thinks download looks, because look,be less than direct seeding, so to keyword of a few popular movie and TV, you carry under the coronal, affirmation can bring not little flow. To the program of a few direct seeding we still can be adopted time put a way, because a lot of people do not have time to watch living broadcast, that looked to put only.