How does suit the remedy to the case let him website be not gone by Baidu regular

Core clew: Investigation shows, baidu collects new website about time is 2 weeks. Baidu collects a website, for certain a few go of regular existence, I also studied designedly, reach the plan of a few correspondence.

1. SEO is optimized excessive

Come from prime increase say, baidu and SEOER are adverse impact. If earthly person is met SEO, who still can buy contest price to rank then? And what Baidu emphasizes is user experience, if your search comes out,the page of an advanced face is the page that piles key word composition. Time grew, who can still continue to use this search engine? So excessive optimize be dropped by Baidu K surely. This on one hand, I am willing to support Baidu more.

Corresponding plan:

Just did good website, do not undertake overmuch Seo optimize, do not do even optimize. The key word in caption repeats do not exceed twice, the key word in the description repeats do not exceed 3 times. Should not pile up more, the key word of home page makes nature arrange as far as possible, not sedulous caboodle is in those a few important places. Density controls the key word of home page to be controlled in 3%-4% as far as possible.

Should ask with respect to somebody so: Doesn’t the line on new station make a dot optimize more how to go? Are a lot of ace to stand newly to be collected have good rank? Is my answer: ?

At this moment you come to your SEO skill exert again, undertake optimizing to your station. Make SEO most those who abstain from is impatient gas dry, too impatient. Stable and long + insisting to update ability is kingcraft! My friend that becomes Seo has said, baidu collects late website, the website that is you likely is in eye of Baidu search engine, the weight of your station is a bit greater.

2. Group hair link

What any engine abhor is Spam cogged, link group of hair. Wait for malign and cogged method to remember this. The line on new station, a lot of people like to take out a tool. Group send a day to leave a message this. Or group guest of the rich that send a drop, is think of a way very simple: ? Lip of be angry of cook a meal of drag ⒄ pay emerges windowing Xiao of ┲ of unoccupied place ㄖ bilks Jie Huanjiao to mist? wants to 9 climb over only the website that retrieves me, did then I stand to be not collected? Can I say: of this kind of method only? The risk that   defends Hu of smelt metal of  of  of ィ of horsefly of  of  imperial order is too high. Search engine is already right leave a message this what attributive falls is very low. And if some stands outside even 80% come from leave a message this, and he still continues group of hair go down, that leaves him by K not far also. This is actual it is an engine the problem to website degree of belief.

So likely should somebody ask: ? How does? of Yi of deep and remote Mu Na of Qian of cheek of N of locust bold ⅰ putting in order let a spider come over? Is my answer: ?

: of the first kind of method? R of axil catfish Xiao is worth the station that often perhaps updates, let him add a friendship link to you. I also assure to be in 3 to 5 days inside fixed collect. Of course or you do not have a few friends really, or the friend is not willing to carry new station to you. This also is indifferent to. Oneself start work.

: of the 2nd kind of method? Dumpling ㄖ skip kowtows be able to bear or endure  saves ┛ of タ  haze to stop  to heat up?DONEWS, celestial pole, TOM, wait for source of a few news kind website. This kind of method is linked than looking for a person to add friendship not at all slow. Of course premise is you after guest opening win. Want to write the article of a quality having a place, had better be to be achieved formerly, your link on you is added inside the article. If your flexible language is written good be added those who carried and so on on the head to be elite to perhaps originally by the website. That is stronger. Can have above all reprint. The link that compares general small website next is in charge of again used a lot of.

This follows below a few achieves a gender to have a bit formerly relationships that should want to say.

3. Without achieve content formerly.

Search engine to tall repeatability article very accurate. . Repeat in great quantities especially. I think this most person knows. Is those who a logion says: ? Does Bi brag does Chun Xia rancor?

Collect this function to exist to have his reason. A lot of people get website art design not autumn. Program not autumn. Space not anxious, most of anxious is to do not have content. , so, cannot be we used was collected? Perhaps collect can be you collected with respect to scarcely? The answer is negative. But the: that there is a bit is affirmation? > of flesh of chapter of makeup emperor of Wan of fir  locust removes the top margin of a page of Jie of stew of miserable  of play of  of R of Kang chapter flesh answer lofty; Yang Yao chapter of bed of Tong Bao courtyard code of space of Q of post Zuo of  of vomit of Sou of Strontium of saddle of personal Mo Zhen to raise a literary works collect and update. I fall in other catalog

Built a CMS, collected N majority to occupy from relevant game forum directly. The result went 35 days. Anyway is not collected namely, but show in IIS log, the spider falls 100 times everyday, but do not collect namely. Quite depressed. This ability knows collection bad place. Do not have method. Accelerate newer rate. Add the former content that achieve a gender. Next, look for a friend to help make a link on the station of a few little famous energy of life, sent a few flexible language. Be in the 10th day eventually when collected a few. In dozenth day when basic all pages were collected. That is to say, where is the data that how we answer not to collect a large number of collection to come to Baidu and webpage?

The first, after be being collected, the original implied meaning achieving a gender that increases an amount by hand, why to add quote. Because be achieved formerly bad to write. Teach the article that a simple small way uses everybody to cheat a spider to find relevant type caption give up. Throw into confusion the paragraph format inside. If you have fun at, can oneself write a paragraph inside. such. One achieved an article to arise formerly. Next, the literary works that makes you former achieve appears on home page more a few.