How does SEO content create bogus to be achieved formerly for Wang Zhi

A lot of people mention bogus to start this concept formerly in his SEO experience article, generally speaking, no more than is to change the little skill that changes caption and so on, but how to change ability to let search engine consider as achieve an article newly formerly, can be of some way to do sth inside this. So curassow serves as example with respect to the way station that takes his and Zzchn today, will tell tell how oneself create bogus to be achieved formerly.

One. Modification caption is crucial

(1) the number replaces a method

A text that for instance sina teachs, caption is: The composition takes an examination of in preparing for war: 5 action make your article bright rise, when revising caption, can change completely: The composition takes an examination of in preparing for war: 3 action let your article shine to replace, the eye will have least of all in the article namely or you look least of all two characteristics of pleasing to the eye are deleted can.

(2) the term replaces a method

Also can revise so likewise: The composition takes an examination of in preparing for war: It is OK that little skill makes your article bright rise to be so below the circumstance that does not delete article content let search engine to think at least caption is achieved formerly.

(3) literal sort law

The title that still can yield you orderly through throwing into confusion looks more different: The composition takes an examination of to prepare for war in: Can allow the style of 5 kinds of action that your article shines, such order replaces a method, can let caption install more the thinking habit that accords with the person that browse.

2. Caption content should devoted to original

Actually this to it is gibberish to the person very, but exceedingly important also, a lot of friends think to make truly search engine his article is to be achieved formerly, and will what caption changes is ulterly changed, such result is not desirable.

The person that the website that needs to include you in caption is browsed needs the factor that see, stand than doing QQ so, should highlight blame main trend on caption so, the caption of QQ space and so on, what the caption that shows Q a group of things with common features for instance takes is very interesting: QQ space is popular popular Christmas decorates commendatory QQ space big picture material.

How to revise without giving thought to so, the first it is to should devoted to textual, the 2nd it is to should add the distinguishing feature that accords with demand of the person that browse.

3. Text content is revised

This a lot of people are met oversight, why? Because if be involved,revise text extent too big, that still is inferior to counterfeiting to write, so a lot of SEOer are simple only change title change come to an end.

But what search engine sees is caption not only, text content also is the important and referenced element that its achieve formerly quite, but also admitting to modify text content is extraordinary take time arduous, so look in light of us how fast modification content.