How does SEO analyse a website

The website that a lot of friends may know to do Seo to want to analyse a competitor (discharge advanced face through the search namely those) , but specific how will analyse these websites, need analyses some of what condition may not be to understand very much, the how analyses a competitor website that I sum up me today is shared to everybody.

One, domain name information: Include Whois information, domain name history, PR, alexa rank is waited a moment. The enrollment that what Whois basically looks is a domain name time, this need not I said. Domain name history can be passed / will inquire here. In Google the rank can consider the order and degree of Pr. Alexa rank alls alone to search engine rank cannot have what action mind we can know a few news.

2, website structure frame, modal watch. Analysing webpage structure frame basically is the overall arrangement that sees a website, the brief law sex without frame, code waits. Modal watch is looking is used exterior style list or in-house style watch, also the friend has asked is it is good to had been expressed with exterior style or be written in the page directly, the individual feels to use external good. Searching engine can analyse a style to express, the brief law that the style expresses is chastening very important also.

3, Site, domain, link data. Examine a website to be in those who search recommend to collect an amount. Examine the exterior link of the website, baidu uses Domain and Link, google uses Link. The data of the catenary outside examining is, 2 be examining is bring from where outside catenary (namely outside the quality of catenary how) . It is quite important that catenary is outside in SEO, you need to analyse a website outside catenary comes from over there, the catenary outside be being analysed even is in the position of other website.

4, the rank in inquiring key word word is searching engine.

5, of <head> write a law. This writes a law with respect to what include Title, of Meta write a law, return those who have Link to write a law to wait.

6, of Robot.txt write a law.

7, the position that the keyword appears, frequency, tag, still have even if deny use long end to wait. The position of the keyword has very much tell, the website keyword that so everybody wants to analyse others well appears in where, wait with <strong><b><u> tag, the frequency that the keyword appears in the page, still having is keyword group (that is to say the keyword is in what word had appeared) .

8, in-house link. The association of home page and other page, the association of catalog page and other page, in-house link loop.

9, the effect of imitate spider capture. The page of website of spider simulator capture that can use stationmaster tool analyses a result.

10, the progression of catalog, of file name write a law. Analytic website shares list of a few class, still be file name write a law. They can see bring a keyword in file name in the website of a lot of abroad. I analyse specific action is the result that brings a keyword with the domain name about the same.

11, Js file analysis. Analytic webpage used some of what Js document, it is exterior Js still is written inside the page, of Js write a law to wait.

12, industry interior importance is evaluated. Analytic website is be expert at in course of study witting degree, the position in the industry is waited a moment.

Above content is large vacates what sum up for everybody, the bosom friend of a few paces that Seo analysis website needs to do tells the other square can 100 battle do not make a gift of sth, the website that analysing a competitor so is to need to undertake an analysis in the round. Hope everybody can exceed a competitor at an early date, thank everybody. If where have,did not speak of or talk not well and truly to hope everybody point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.