How does search engine optimize fundamental tutorial in the light of Baidu

In the process that communicates with a few stationmaster, they undertake advisory via growing the problem that optimizes with respect to Baidu Seo, these problems include: 1. Make Baidu better collect website content;2. There can be measures of those help sb to deal with an emergency after Baidu depilates the website. So I am opposite in SEO rich guest with respect to these two problems these content undertake be elaboratinged in detail. In the website, the webpage that has complex structure cannot log onto Baidu smoothly possibly.

Answer when undertaking the webpage designs so as far as possible:

1.Give every webpage letter

The caption of website home page, suggest you use your website name or company name, content of the caption proposal of other webpage and every webpage is relevant, the webpage with different content need not same title. Do not appear as far as possible the Title circumstance with complete unified website, this problem is in I am new in the website of the company very apparent, I am using up me to solve this problem with all one’s strength.

2.Do not want a whole webpage make it a Flash or it is a piece of picture

Through identifying webpage source code medium Chinese character knows each webpage knows Baidu. If your whole webpage is a Flash or a piece of picture, baidu cannot find a Chinese character in the webpage, do not collect your webpage likely. Reduce the use of the picture next, in be being searched because of the picture, baidu can not undertake discriminating to picture content, and the Spider of the picture also is to pass a Chinese character to identify.

3.Incorrect webpage is done heavy directional

Weigh directional webpage to may log onto Baidu not easily.

4. does not use Frame(frame structure in the webpage)

5. does not use beyond the mark and complex Java Script in the webpage

The content of certain Java Script alls alone to search engine is sightless, cannot be identified so and login.

Static webpage can log onto Baidu more smoothly, the webpage that trends generates logs onto Baidu; not easily

If be be like,contained in your webpage Url Asp, ? Wait for dynamic feature, the webpage is considered as dynamic webpage possibly.

If there are a lot of webpages in your website must structure of make it Frame or dynamic webpage, so proposal you at least the webpage with simple make it of website home page, and be opposite a few important webpages inside the website, the link is added in home page.

6.Do not undertake to searching engine cogged

Optimize to Baidu, I think to should notice the following respects appear with avoiding as far as possible the circumstance above

The keyword does not repeat 2 times inside Title above, tall keyword is spent related to content in abstracting a webpage as far as possible.

The picture does not repeat above 2 times in Alt annotate.

The Keywords part inside Meta label also is, do not appear 2 times the keyword of above repeats, and can relax to the description a bit, do not repeat 3 times

Do not want to emphasize a keyword too much exceeding above 3 times in text part, the emphasis here is to point to with thick substance, marked color, the; anyhow such as good-sized font is conspicuous place

Do not pass much use tag, when using H1 label at the same time, avoid to use thick system as far as possible, the other such as diagonal stresses font way

One, key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases

Key word load one’s writing with fancy phrases points to the way that adds a large number of key word in the webpage, aim to try to operate the website rank in searching a result. A large number of key word are joined to be able to experience to the user generation is negative in the webpage influence, consequently the likelihood damages website rank. For example: Airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket, airline ticket is joined in the label annotate of the picture. Need stationmaster centers energy to found the useful content with substantial information here, use key word appropriately in context. The exposure that this book reader needs to master reasonable control key word only is spent can.

2, conceal character and obscure a link

One of the most familiar cogged pattern. The conceal a character or links a likelihood to bring about you website in content is thought to cannot trust, the information that because it is propped up to search index,provides with the person that visit is different. Character (like excessive key word) the likelihood has a variety of concealing means, include:

A shows white character on white setting

After picture of park of B general character

C uses CSS to conceal a character

D is font size setting 0

Obscuring a link basically is to allow reptile program but capture but person eye cannot identify

A is linked by conceal a character to comprise (for example, literal facial expression and setting colour hue are the same as) .

BCSS is used make only a tall like element chainlet is received.

C link is concealed in accord with of a certain small character.