How does search engine differentiate rubbish to leave a message

Spoke of what rich traveler writer leaves a message to rubbish detesting yesterday. Talk about search to all alone how engine may differentiate rubbish to leave a message again today. Saw in the forum that choose stone too much card discusses rich guest to leave a message group of hair software and various experience. A lot of people think, many websites rely on rich guest rubbish to leave a message raise a rank, the result is right, the website also was not punished. Have nevertheless needed a consideration at 2 o’clock:

1) the reason that a large number of rubbish that we see leave a message is not website rank certainly. To reduce manslaughter, search engine normally oversight rubbish leaves a message, and the website that won’t direct penalty leaves rubbish to leave a message, otherwise too dangerous, be used very easily to come circumvent competitor website. The rank of these websites is probable it is the reason that we did not discover, have a few very strong exterior links for instance.

2) do not punish now, after be not being meant certainly, also do not punish. Say punishment actually not quite accurate, when saying well and truly to all alone when search engine discovers these rubbish leave a message, the weight that these rubbish link purify and voting force, make website rank drops, look be like is penalty, but just make website rank returns its due place actually.

How does search engine judge rubbish to leave a message? The likelihood has the following method.

See the time impact that leave a message. Be the same as a rich for instance guest inside a few seconds, appear in different card same of a website leave a message link, this affirmation is abnormal. Same perhaps the rubbish link of a website, in almost same time paragraph appear on many rich guest. This does not come out to looking for writer of individual rich traveler, but to search engine, detect these are easy as my eyes.

Whether to leave call the turn to contain URL? Is URL character or make it exceed cable length only? Some rubbish leave a message software or the person ambition that leave rubbish to leave a message are older, do not satisfy at leaving sign one’s name only, still be in leave a message URL stays in content. The rubbish that is being filtered takes call the turn, I often see be as long as the rubbish of a few pages. This kind of rubbish leaves a message, I reckon index props up the search that wriggles again to also can be judged.

Leave a message length. A lot of rubbish leave a message to just often say, good literary works, those who say is pretty good, carry the word of and so on on the head. This kind smallish and the word of meaning of it doesn’t matter, also can raise the possibility that is doubted.

Went up the IP of blacklist and website. Say like last card place, turn over rubbish software to be able to collect those rubbish websites and IP address. Once went up these blacklist, be filtered directly. I believe to search engine to also have similar database.

Rich guest card has many old and newest leave a message circumstance. If rich guest card has been two years ago, and do not have one year partly new left a message, leng Buding appears one leaves a message, more or less do this also have a place doubtful.

Leave a message dependency. Search engine can pass semantic analysis, judgement leaves a message to whether have certain dependency with rich guest card. Group the rubbish that hair software leaves, it is meaning of it doesn’t matter normally, put where relevant, also irrelvant word.

Many rich guest leaves a message mode. Group hair software can be gone to many rich guest sends rubbish, and the domain name that take and leave a message same or content is similar, this kind of mode can arouse suspicion certainly.

Rubbish links occurrence rate. Leave a message significantly with what true reader stays different, group hair software is to keep a large number of links quickly, search engine also can detect this.

Listed rubbish leaves a message above feature, a few affirmation had been turned over rubbish software and search engine are being used, but not be all certainly. Still also have other factor for certain, we want to be less than, but search engine to think of. Search engine compares us forever clever.

If which are made a software, can avoid above the place that all says possibilities are suspected, then you are an ace.

Author: Zac@SEO sticks everyday carry formerly: In new fictitious leader