How does rubbish station survive prevent by K it is crucial

What is rubbish station?

Individual stationmaster should stand to rubbish this noun was familiar with very much, what is rubbish station? A lot of people have a viewpoint to differ.

Some people say: I collected some of content, undertake classified afresh, the classification that compares original website is more reasonable, can give the person that visit better experience, how can you be rubbish station?

Some people say: I machine re-edit of a few content, not be the machine was collected any more, be also rubbish station?

Some people say: Those full pages are advertisement completely, play the station that give, just be rubbish station.

Different person has different view, cross Hu Gu to think, tell from broad sense:

A website, the person that cannot give a visit with good experience, open when others see page hind can be shut very quickly, be full of advertising website everywhere. Or although do not have too much advertisement, but the website that support machine is collected and makes a large number of pages, should be rubbish station.

The characteristic that rubbish stands one: Inside short time, many page appears.

The characteristic that rubbish stands 2: Viscosity is low, if common website, an IP can have the word of 5 PV, rubbish stands to be less than even 3 PV possibly, viscosity is low, it is the common fault that rubbish stands, although flow may be not low,this also is rubbish station, but the reason with advertising inferior value ratio, a lot of had put in advertising friend to should know: The client that rubbish stands is changed rate is very low.

The characteristic that rubbish stands 3: Content system of the standard, without the function of the characteristic. The cost that rubbish stands is very low, have content system only, with collection means, ability is done calm, if want to join oneself distinctive function, investment can be increased apparently.

How to make good rubbish station?

Above paragraphs is the perspective that crosses him Hu Gu to stand to rubbish, but rubbish stands and do not mean do not earn money, a lot of people rely on rubbish station gain the first pail of gold, nevertheless now had been 2007, rely on simply to collect, rely on ten articles, cannot have maintained bread, so, as a stationmaster, especially individual stationmaster, when doing rubbish to stand, should have better eye, more sensible judgement, take care to be engaged in.

Above paragraphs had said, rubbish station has a few general character, so the biggest question that perplexes stationmaster now, the surviving time that is rubbish station is too short, how to solve this problem?

We know what Baidu look unfamiliar puts to rubbish station is support, if Baidu K domain name, this station ended basically also, place stands with preventing Baidu K, it is the problem that rubbish station should solve above all, how to prevent to search K to stand?

The machine is a machine forever, the program can have consideration according to the person’s idea only, so if you read a few preceding part of the text, should can realize an a few truths: That is, do not seem what rubbish station does rubbish to stand, how can you just seem rubbish to stand?

One, the characteristic that must have oneself.

2, cannot rely on optimized method in the past, the performance in crossing Hu Gu to one stands in the search is good, brought about N much station to collect, before paragraph time, 4 websites are searched to punish at the same time, there is a center at that time (friend) still ask me, why was your station fallen to counterpoise? I can answer only say: I did not make this station strictly according to the method of SEO.

3, the layout of the organization of content, page.

When to accomplish above, basically won’t by K, but, if was accomplished, also not be rubbish station, because want to accomplish these, doing not have a swot is impossible. (copyright of the cereal that cross a tiger)