How does new station just not allow to be dropped easily by Baidu K

Small recently 100 often be asked on QQ: How is my website often dropped by Baidu K? What method is there can not by Baidu K?

Small 100 it is not clear to feel two words also say a word, and small 100 those who say is not certain also all and correct, small today 100 item that say to want to notice. The viewpoint is individual viewpoint under PS

1 website caption

When choosing title, do not choose popular word as far as possible, of course, if your theme is popular word when, that is not written so much relevant statement.

For instance: Run run calorie of Ding Che, your homepage caption can define completely for: Run run special subject of car blocking man stands

And had better not write into: Run run website of special subject of car blocking man, offer run run hang outside lorry car, release run run this appearance writes book of secret of Ka Ding car to be conformed to the principle of simplicity very easily by everything of K had better

2 minutes of pages and inside page headline

Small 101 think cent page is mixed continuously inside the occurrence theme key word with page not egregious headline, also be easy otherwise by a of K main factor.

3 content

Content must new, had better be the content that does not have on the network, having major content is to be collected directly come over, otherwise Baidu can think you stand this is rubbish station, from by K not far also. Even if not by K, weight also too won’t tall.

4 links

Must notice when the catenary that do each other, whether was the website of the other side fallen to counterpoise by Baidu, if be fallen to counterpoise, do not link website of the other side!

The regulation of Baidu is: Be joined do not have by the station of K by the station of K, without any problems. But was not linked by the station of K by the station of K, so, will by K, this is best-know.

5B label

There is a lot of implied meaning on the network at present, say the benefit of B label, before a year, this kind of view is really useful, but now, ask label of B of not egregious blind faith, do not guard a pass in the homepage key word gives mark to rise with B completely, proper accentuation 9 point are possible still, had better change B betterer for Strong, but also cannot too frequent.


ALT label also cannot add a keyword egregiously, also can be considered as to do harm otherwise. This bit of Baidu and GOOGLE are distinguishing.

The occurrence key word that Baidu thinks ALT is overmuch is to do harm, and GOOGLE considers as emphasize particularly on, it is so above two engine taking result is completely different.

7 attract a spider

A lot of friend uses this device now, my sweat! New station just had been done, go searching a few think oneself spider often the site of presence goes sending a few rubbish to link, thinking is to attracting a spider to come over so, actually because a lot of friend is incontrollable good depth, became spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, obtain bad result instead, hold bad measure, do not want to use, go doing a few friendly catenary to still have profit very much of course.

8 go related Baidu site conduct propaganda

Be sure to keep in mind, if you are used inexperience, do not go related Baidu site (be like: Baidu knows and stick) conduct propaganda! This needs very high skill, a few ace apply freely, but small 100 arrive to be eye at present, still had not tried all the time. Interest and risk are concomitant all the time, small 101 think continuously, safety first.

9 go Baidu is referred

After making new station, a lot of stationmaster likes to go Baidu is referred, small 100 what think or be not referred by hand is good, small also had mentioned in the 100 articles before, also had done similar test for many times, after referring, baidu is collected, pass a few days by K.

Small 100 those who say is popular word for instance legend world illicit serves this kind term. Small the viewpoint of 100 does not go namely Baidu is referred, wait for Baidu to be collected automatically.

10 avoid the important and dwell on the trivial

Last are must not for GOOGLE optimize and went displeasing Baidu, after all the old that Baidu still searchs engine in home at present, the IP that Baidu and cereal song bring to you measures be a heavyweight far from, would rather displease Gu Ge, also do not displease Baidu.