How does local portal do good search engine to optimize

The promotion of most website cannot leave to search engine, local portal is not exceptional also. The relation that handles good place portal and search engine so is having very great sense to the promotion of local portal website.

Before the line on the website, want to had built content structure, let others look like a website at least. Calculate otherwise through some kind conduct propaganda popularizes somebody to come, but the feeling that gives a family is not ideal, they or meeting go away. After calculating, your website has been done, as a result of foregoing bad experiences, still can have many popular feeling of superabundant JI.

Of particular content structure build, concerned with the fixed position of your website, do not do here discuss specificly. What want a specification nevertheless is, home page, list page, specific content page from caption, to page main body, the layout of the key word to page bottom and optimize or want great attention. Current, the CMS of a few mainstreams of home is done in this respect also is not very good. Of course this kind of CMS that opens a source is aimed at your website fixed position and demand impossibly to make optimize suitably, more him person that still should rely on local website operation go fumbling.

Although optimize and was not united of local website standard, but still can list to everybody a few appropriate reference.

Come to those who read home page optimize first, the structure of caption can be: Website name + the introduction with simple website, if the home page caption of my website is: Net of yellow stone life – life of yellow stone area consumes portal website. This enrichs a dot it seems that than single website name, among them the introduced to also remove Description action with simple website. Telling search index props up your website is what kind of.

Next, what home page page should notice is, the distributinging density of key word. For instance my website is the portal net of yellow stone area. Then I hope this keyword can discharge Huang Shi of course the front row that searching. So this keyword is in best Huang Shi the density of home page is in 1% – 6%(of course some places say is 3% – 6%) .

Write about the book of Description and Keywords then also want a standard. Keywords wants essence of life to allow little, description also should accomplish essence of life to allow smallish, not necessary write on one pile, too much too long description may diluent the theme of the website.

Will read next list pages again, the format of caption can write into such: List type + website name, if mine is yellow stone news – net of yellow stone life, yellow stone news is a very good keyword. A lot of links can appear in list page, are these links after all is using absolutely returning opposite? Seem to also do not have special requirement, do not cross opposite link, can reduce the size of the page, also the benefit crawl at the search.

Will read next specific content pages finally. Of this kind of page optimizing should be most heavy of the dot. Because generally speaking, the discharge that the website alls alone from search engine comes comes from specific content page mostly.

If content page is news kind, caption can be: News caption + news type + website name, like yellow Shi Ming big public house books a group ahead of schedule year meal – Huang Shi news – net of Huang Shi life, such, news caption, type, become the keyword of the search possibly. If content page classifies news type, criterion format of this kind of caption alls alone from search engine obtains discharge more easily, because classify news type, namely invite applications for a job of to apply for a job, secondhand, homemaking can be being regarded is long end keyword.

At the same time to content page, can join the code of sex of a few promotion, if recommend ** ,give you the good friend on QQ/MSN, also can add some of code that bookmark collects. The first website that transmitted you, the 2nd catenary outside increasing to your website.

What final need points out is, if your website just was done before long, without PR, was not collected even, be willing to make friendly chain with you without the person, then you resemble me such, great write bit of good article. Believe to had been done not have how long, search engine can climb the website to you.

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