How does area website make good search engine optimize

  How does area website make good search engine optimize

Investigation of Borrell Associates of firm of American market survey shows, this locality 2007 changes network advertisement to will increase 32% , nevertheless this locality advertisement still is in infantile period at present. Greg Sterling of expert of search engine sale thinks on the plenary session of search engine strategy recently: We change search algorithm to return place to know to this locality of mainstream search engine very little, the rank algorithm that knows this locality search and current search only differs somewhat. Accordingly, if you are business of a regional service, you must let search engine to inform your situation.

At present this locality of business of to how be being made effectively regional service changes strategy of search engine sale to still lack systematic research, to reduce the invalid visit besides scope of business person, regional service is below business website can accomplish pair of this locality to search a few fields with friendly engine:

1, every page has the website your seat area information.

2, this locality telephone number that every page has you. Even if you are to offer 800 telephones, also must the specified amount is extra this locality number of a date having an area, because search,engine cannot judge your situation through 800 phones.

3, in connection our page does situation outstanding show, include the street, city, province, postcode, information such as this locality phone, make search engine robot fast obtain this locality to turn information.

4, establish a position / the link of route chart, convenient search engine and consumer find a cause. This situation map should not be picture of a circuitry only, how text expression still arrives, in containing situation information the description in you as far as possible. In the meantime, write public transportation or description of course of drive a vehicle, include to set out from each places the line that reach explains.

5, Google map and Yahoo map are received in catenary of situation map page. Site of these two maps offers the URL that links a map, use for the website.

6, in the situation that you appear as far as possible in webpage Title.

7, all cities that a certain page in the website lists your business place is enclothed and area. If your business is to face a certain city, list this city leaves all town, piece area. These area information may appear in home page, about us or the page that contacts us.

New competition ability sums up: Afore-mentioned designs prop up friendly core problem to index of this locality search, in the website actually each relevant webpages highlight reality to be in the information of the area, and tell a search him engine to the website is in an area as far as possible, engine of such this locality search are met be attributed to the website a certain to belong to area according to these situation information, so that be in,this locality gains taller weight in search result.

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