How do wedding website promotion ?

wedding website more popular in recent years, to do a lot better.
The original idea of ​​a close friend, is now profitable.
Summary wedding website marketing and promotion, there is a note of a few observations.

site planning and construction site:

1, the site to be beautiful, the atmosphere, but does not require a lot of flash.

2, the site should be directly on your site that people have needs in this area, so one to your station, you should let them know what services you can offer, rather than two or three times before they reach the target point
Web page.

3, Services to be concise, such as what services you provide the name of the package that include one thousand two hundred thirty-four ~~~~~ point, the price is much, the service process is how, what precautions are
and so on.

4, success stories is very important, you have to in a client permission, your success stories into the appropriate package description below.
Success is not put wedding guests or a few articles on the bin, such as photography company success stories, it is necessary to write down the entire service process, the process of filming, interesting, shooting footage, location of praise, the final
wedding works, customers, etc., written as a story thanks or call the travel, after on the web site that allows users to evaluate such cases in order to show your professional and service attitude.

5, construction sites and many other details of things I will not talk about here.

Site Promotion:

The last is the promotion website promotion methods you own can be summed up in two: free promotion, paid promotion.
Their first develop such a plan, it is to do the job every day.

free promotion:

1, the local popularity of forum post, the above said, this story of success stories sent to the forum went, pictures must have your logo (this should I say, depressed), send the number of articles a day.

2, to other sites blog, of course, made the success stories.
Send number of articles every day.

3, the establishment of marriage qq group, the success stories you sent to the user.
(To be used in case of success, success stories are more important ah)

4, the other free promotion I will not say here, and you add your own.

Pay Promotion:

1, Baidu auction, there is a very important title and description, but also allow users direct access to success stories page.

2, local portals advertising.

3, other methods have added

Nantong marriage network () is what I have done recently, like you can communicate with friends.